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Drop the Ball

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Drop the ball



Activity: This entertaining activity requires simple materials such as: Golf  balls, straws and tape.


Overview: It is desirable to create small groups in order to conduct this activity, following the next steps: 

  • Each small group receives 12 straws and 18 inches of masking tape.
  • They get ten minutes to build a container that will catch a golf ball dropped from about ten feet.
  • Each group selects a ‘ball dropper’—that person stands on a chair, holds a golf ball at eye level.
  • That group places its container on the floor under where it thinks the ball will land. Each group gets three attempts.


The group that gets a ball to go in and stay in its container wins. The desired outcome of this activity will be that Teams can use their experiences in the game to overcome work problems and relational issues.


Purpose: Cooperation and healthy competition


Time: 10–12 min.




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