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  1. Participants view comments in GroupOutliner.

  2. Moderators allows participants to read comments and add annotations.



  1. Say this:

    1. We have elaborated on the issues at hand extensively and created a lot of comments. Let’s now zero on some of the key comments pertinent to our functional areas and discuss these in plenary discussion.

    2. Go through the comments and pin an annotation to comments that you feel are important for a particular functional area.

    3. The contents of the annotation itself is not important; just make sure a ‘pin’ appears in the margin of the comment.

    4. You may only add 20 annotations.

    5. The group reads through the comments and places their annotation pins.

  2. If the group is almost done placing their annotation pins, invite them:

    1. Please skim through the comments and check out the ones that are ‘pinned’. We will discuss these plenary in a few moments.

    2. After the group has placed their annotation pins and read the highlighted comments, facilitate an oral discussion during which you invite people to explain why they felt certain comments were key.




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