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ProWorkFlow Software Analysis

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ProWorkFlow Software Analysis



ProWorkFlow offers a powerful platform for managing projects virtually. It has robust features for project control, file handling, communication and reporting among others. This feature set offers the flexibility for teams of all types to easily manage a variety of project types. The user interface is clean and simple, allowing for teams to quickly and easily integrate the platform into their workflows. Users can be set up as staff members or clients. Staff has deeper control and access while clients are able to only view and interact with the items that have been given access to. ProWorkFlow also offers a full range of onboarding and support options with in-app help, videos and webinars, and a contact form to ask for specific assistance if necessary. See below for an in-depth analysis of key product feature categories.


Project Control

ProWorkFlow allows for multiple simultaneous projects and project categories. Users are presented with a project dashboard where they can view existing projects and categories.



There is also the ability to view archived projects with robust search capabilities.



From the dashboard, users can create projects, adding in necessary information such as client, budgeted time, assign staff members, tasks, priorities and due dates. An interesting feature is that clients can sign in to request a project. This request goes into a queue where team members can then review the request and create a new project with the supplied information.



The project detail view shows a summary of meta information at the top, along with the projects task list, messages, any attached files and a timeline broken down to the task level.





The task dashboard lists all tasks assigned to each project, including a calendar view at the top with start, done, and due dates. The tasks themselves show priority, who it’s assigned to, due date and time management. Task templates can also be created to speed up repetitive workflows.



From this screen, users can either check off items that were completed or click to launch a modal window where they can view more information, add time, files or messages associated with the task.



New tasks can easily be added with a robust set of data to aid in scheduling and prioritization.




There are multiple time and micro-calendar widgets distributed throughout the different views which allows quick viewing of date-related information in context. Aside from timesheet activities, the time dashboard offers a timeline view to see a chart of assigned tasks and dates, as well as  a more traditional calendar view with color coded task entries per day. All views include filter functionality in order to control the granularity of the information.





ProWorkFlow handles files at the project and task level. Files can be easily added with a convenient drag-and-drop function, as well as categorized into custom folders. File versioning is not directly tracked, however they can be commented on which can aid in keeping track of versions.



Additionally, you can access files from all projects in a centralized file manager. This view also shows you file sizes and total storage usage to keep track of your plan limits.




Communication is at the core of ProWorkFlows’ software. Almost everything can be commented on directly within the different project, task and time modules. Client and user access to these comments can be controlled, so only the users that have permissions can see them.



In addition to specific comments, there is also a notes dashboard that gives users a central location for communication. This section also includes a personal notes area that you can use for recording information privately.



The software also includes a very granular control over email alerts, allowing users to receive email communication on as many or as few triggers as they prefer.



Projects can be planned by allotting times to individual tasks. There is also a very useful status bar at the top of the project dashboard that charts dates, priorities and assignments.



Additionally, you can view each members current availability and workload when assigning tasks in order to balance effort across the team.




Project and task tracking is an integral part of the ProWorkFlows interface. All projects and tasks can be assigned allocated hours, deadlines and priorities. The previously shown task dashboard is included again below, illustrating priority, completion status, as well as time allocations. Users can check off a task when it’s completed and update the total time spent.



ProWorkFlow also includes a detailed timesheet and multiple methods for inputting time. Users can drag and drop time from tasks on the left, or manually input hours as needed. There is also a helpful time tracking widget in the header that a user can simply select their project and task, and click to start and stop a stopwatch.




Perhaps one of its most defining features, ProWorkFlow has an expansive array of reporting features. Users can run workload reports, performance reports comparing allocated to actual hours, time summaries as well as a host of other detailed task and project reports. These built in reports can be customized by time, project, resource, etc in a variety of combinations. Additionally, these reports can either be viewed from within the application or exported in XLS, CSV and PDF formats for easy archival and distribution.



In addition to the standard reporting features, ProWorkFlow allows the building of completely custom reports to whatever specifications the user requires. However, scheduled or automated reporting does not appear to be available at this time.





ProWorkFlow is primarily a browser based application. This has many benefits including the ability to be cross-platform and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. However, it does not offer a standalone software version and thus does not allow offline interaction. They do offer software widgets for core tasks such as task completion and time tracking, but these are limited in functionality. A feature rich mobile application does exist, including access to a full suite of of functionality on any tablet or smartphone.



The software only supports custom currency options for different countries. It does not offer a multilingual option to change the interface to a custom language. However, as part of it’s third party API integrations, there is a plugin that can generate custom language invoices. In addition to the invoicing plugins, there are numerous existing plugins for a variety of added functionality. There are also development resources to assist with the creation of custom API plugins as well.



ProWorkFlow is very easy to use out of the box, however it also includes a variety of rich onboarding tools and support for users. There are webinars and videos to walk users through common tasks, as well as dedicated support for contacting the company for assistance. They also include a knowledgebase help function directly within the software which allows users to access help and support without having to leave the experience. The company does have a dedicated ‘urgent’ help line, although its unclear if this number is answered 24 hours a day.



Pricing plans are divided into solo (1 user at $10/month, 5gb storage), professional ($20/user/month, 25gb storage) and advanced ($30/user/month, 50gb storage). The professional and advanced plans each include unlimited projects, while the solo plan only allows for 10 active projects. The advanced plan also offers added functionality of multiple unique teams, as well as custom fields, support for organizational charts and more control over project templating.



Overall, ProWorkFlow offers a very rich and diverse set of features for virtual project management that is scaleable for companies of any size. The user interface is very clean and simple, and the software functions are extremely intuitive. Most users will be able to immediately integrate the software into their workflow, but there is a wealth of support options if additional help is required. The software contains a variety of customization features, including custom colors and branding, project numbering, tagging of tasks and files, and custom header links for easy user access. User permissions are clear and easily configured to allow access to projects and resources at a very granular level. There are a variety of reporting options as well as the ability to create quotes and invoices from within the software. Another key feature is the ability to backup the entire database at the touch of a button. These features combined with the easy to use interface make ProWorkFlow a very viable candidate for any team’s project management software solution.


Video Demo



ProWorkFlow. Feature screenshots, retrieved from http://www.proworkflow.com



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