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Conceptboard Software Analysis

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Conceptboard Software Analysis




Conceptboard is an online collaboration and project management tool that allows teams to discuss and manage project with its online whiteboards. It offers real-time collaboration with live conferencing video and group chat functionality. Projects can be managed with its flexible team workspace, centralizing files, and streamline project management.



Project Control

Dashboard provides a summary of user’s activities and a list of open tasks. New board can be created and assigned to the project hierarchy. Multiple boards can exist in a project. Project owners can protect their projects with a passcode to limit members’ access. This can also be done on within the boards as well. Users have full capability to edit, duplicate or delete a board. Collaborator can turn on and off the collaborative function to grant access to other board users. The board can be shared by email or link to invite collaborators. As an administrator, user can assign roles to team members or remove members from the team.




Tasks are accessible on the left along with alerts and comments. Users create task by using the comments feature. Team members can discuss specific content, and make the content as an open task. The “@” symbol is used to assign task to members. Once task is accomplished, member can use the check symbol to mark “task as done”. Task status is indicated by different colors. Orange indicates an open task, and green marks a completed task.





Calendar is not part of the features offered on this software.




Files are inserted by drag and drop to the  board. The board support different file format including pdf, text formats, spreadsheets, presentation, Photoshop files and all image file formats. Collaborators on the board can also download attachments on the board or export the board as image or PDF.





All collaborations happen real time, and it is by starting with a quick video conference. Team members can also use the chat to send instant message as a collaboration. Users get notifications with in-app or via email on relevant activity that they are associated to. This includes alerts and comments on projects they participated.





Project planning is limited on Conceptboard since it is designed for collaborations on the moment.




Conceptboard doesn’t offer time tracker nor budget tracking. It only tracks for task completion. Collaborator receives an in-app alert as well as email when task is marked done.  




There is no reporting functionality with this system. Users can download board attachments or export board to pdf of image to keep a copy.




Conceptboard is optimized on mobile web and desktop. Users can modify, manage and collaborate from their tablet’s browser. It is not recommended to use the software on mobile since it focus on whiteboard sessions.




Conceptboard has a clean and simple interface. Members gets a tutorial in the beginning to learn how to use the platform. The tutorial is accessible at any time. In addition, users can send support tickets and utilize the knowledge base to learn and familiarize the platform.





Conceptboard offers a month of free trial period with full access to the platform. After the end of trial, users are set to the free plan with basic features with exclude features concerning to project management. The team plan which includes project management functionality cost $8 per user per month. Enterprise account cost $49 per user per month with set up fee. Conceptboard also offers education license for schools and students at a discount.





Overall, Conceptboard is an instant online collaboration tool with project management capabilities for teams to share, discuss and manage projects visually to eliminate the endless email attachments. Its simple, clean and intuitive interface helps team to focus on collaboration and making communication fun and easy to manage projects at hand. This helps with making teams work more efficient and effectively with faster iteration on projects. It is a great product for design teams. Due to its limited project management functionalities, it might not be a good option for those teams with heavy tasks management needs.  


Video Demo



Conceptboard. Feature screenshots, retrieved from http://conceptboard.com/



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