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D2: Use Case 4 - Elisa

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Deliverable #2 - Team Decision Making and Collaboration

Amanda Ruzin, Leilani Johnson and Lindsay Callahan






Use Case #4 & Product Comparison Chart 






Managing RFPs (Request for Proposal) and Bids


Age:  25

Profession:  Account Executive

Location:  New York City


Elisa is an account executive at an advertising, marketing, and public relations agency and she works on the Business Development team. Her team’s responsibility is to win new business for the company.  And though they want to grow, the agency is very selective about how they do this: they are only seeking bigger, fewer, and better clients. Elisa thinks that she’s ready for a promotion and is anxious to show her manager that she’s ready to move to the next level.


Elisa is responsible for sharing the RFPs with the team as she receives them, which is about 2-3 each week. Her boss is on the road at least three times a month, and she reviews the RFPs as soon as she has a free moment – on her phone while waiting for a client, on her tablet at the airport, etc.


Problem Statement


The work that goes into each bid is costly and time-consuming (late nights, long weekends), and the agency doesn’t have the resources to go after each bid.  Elisa needs a tool that is easy enough for her to upload a new RFP and share with the team so that they can review, ask questions, and vote whether it’s a “go or no go.” RFPs usually require a response within 5 business days, so Elisa and the team need to move quickly. It will be important to Elisa’s boss that the tool is optimized for mobile and tablet, and that she can reference previous RFPs.


Needs and Goals


Elisa would like to impress her boss and show that she’s ready for her next promotion. She needs to:

  1. Find a tool that she can download on her own so that she can create sample cases in order to sell in the idea to her boss.

  2. Share an RFP with her teammates and have them discuss and vote whether they should pursue it.

  3. Keep records of decisions as a paper trail so that there isn’t second-guessing or finger-pointing.




To help solve Elisa’s problem, the solution must include several features:

  • Hosted in the cloud

  • Scalability and adaptability

  • Mobile-optimized

  • Inventory of data and assets for viewing, sharing and discussing

  • Good reviews to help convince her boss

  • Free trial or a low subscription cost

  • Easy enough to understand without training

  • Voting


✓ Yes       Somewhat       ✕ No     $  Cost







Make It Rational


Intuitive User Experience


Hosted Remotely

Installation on Local Servers

Decision Making Assistance

Positive Reviews











Project Management Tasks

(i.e., prioritization, task assignments, workflows, backlogs)

Data and Assets Inventory

Polling and Voting

Mobile Optimized

Integration with Other Tools (i.e., reporting to other formats, importing and exporting)

Asynchronous and Real-time Communication

Allows same-place & different-place use








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