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D2: Use Case 1 - Jason

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Deliverable #2 - Team Decision Making and Collaboration

Amanda Ruzin, Leilani Johnson and Lindsay Callahan






Using Data for Decisioning


Age:  31

Profession:  Project Lead

Location:  Charlotte, North Carolina


Jason runs a small development and user experience team at a digital consulting company. This is his first attempt at leading a team and he is anxious to build relationships with his colleagues and lead a successful initiative. The project team is trying to build a mobile app that allows users to view and interact with content quickly and for a persistent period of time (grocery lists, articles, images, etc.).  


Jason’s team is cross-functional team that has many diverse roles and backgrounds.  The team is  not only designing this mobile app as a stand alone project, but is also setting design and development standards to make up the company's enterprise style guide for future use.


Problem Statement


Since the requirements gathering phase, the project team is at a crossroads on how to move forward with the structure of the app and what would be the best workflow for a user.  The team has lots of user data and other metrics, but can’t seem to come to an agreement on direction for the app.  


Jason is also having hard time driving collaboration and getting full group participation on new standards and governance decisions, especially when most of these activities are done side-of-desk.  He can hardly ever get together at the same time and only gets good participation from the loudest, most committed individuals, leaving less room for other members to speak up.


Needs and Goals


Jason would like the team to not only motivate and foster virtual collaboration, but also to aid effective decision making when he needs everyone's input and to encourage participatory leadership. He would like his team to be able to:

  1. Be able to access and manipulate the existing data they have to view the best way to analyze the situation holistically (and perhaps visually).

  2. Assist in overall team decision-making.

  3. Allow each project member to provide input and have an equal voice in the process, ideas and decisions emerging.

  4. Provide a shared workspace to add new ideas and build on ideas that others have left synchronously and asynchronously.  




To help solve Jason’s problem, the solution must include several features:

  • Voting or polling capabilities

  • Data and modeling analysis where decisions are generated

  • Security

  • Affordability

  • Mobile-optimized

  • Assets inventory

  • Project management tools such as prioritization, organization and tasks

  • Hosted in the cloud

  •   Scalability and adaptability

  • Supports real-time and synchronous communication

  • Inventory of data and assets for viewing, sharing and discussing

  • Project management activities such as task assignments, prioritization and backlogs


Use Case #1 & Product Comparison Chart 


✓ Yes       Somewhat       ✕ No     $  Cost 







Make It Rational


Intuitive User Experience


Hosted Remotely

Installation on Local Servers

Decision Making Assistance

Positive Reviews











Project Management Tasks

(i.e., prioritization, task assignments, workflows, backlogs)

Data and Assets Inventory

Polling and Voting

Mobile Optimized

Integration with Other Tools (i.e., reporting to other formats, importing and exporting)

Asynchronous and Real-time Communication

Allows same-place & different-place use







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