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List of Products

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2. List of products


  • Skype 


Developed by Microsoft Skype division, Skype is a popular VoIP program. The application is available on multiple platforms such as Android OS, Mac OS, and all Windows platforms as well as on video game platforms. Skype has both a consumer and business side with the business part of Skype containing more features than the consumer unless the consumer is willing to pay.


Skype to Skype calls are free however Skype to phone numbers (such as landline or mobile) requires Skype credits.  There is a business feature to Skype, which offers various features not available to normal users such as the Skype Manager.


  • ooVoo


An instant messaging and video chatting application developed by ooVoo    LLC for Mac OSX, IOS, Android ,Windows phone, and Microsoft Windows. Allows registered users to connect with each other through voice, video, and text. A total of 12 users can be connected at one time, six on video chat and six on just voice. Other options available are high quality audio/video, desktop sharing, and phone calls to cell phones and landlines. Calls to cell phones and landlines require additional fees.


  • Vyew 


An application developed for PC, OSX, and Linux that allows creating office room like meetings. Includes video/text chat and file, screen, and desktop sharing.  Has support for up to a 100 users for a fee. Options include white board, telephone conference, and polling. Use for 10 users is free, more users require a fee.


  • TeamViewer 


In 2012, AVG Technologies acquired several of Crossloop’s assets along with its website. Back in January 2014, AVG Technologies announced that it will no longer support Crossloop or sell its products. This also extends into the free versions of the software as well as registering. The products and services Crossloop provided has been integrated into AVG’s CloudCare but does not include the online meeting/ Screen Sharing features(AVG Technologies, 2014)    .                


TeamViewer is an all-in-one Remote support and Online Meeting/Presentation software developed by TeamViewer. The program is a multi-platform software similar to Skype where both provide group conferencing as well as screen sharing. Certain features of TeamViewer allow for more detailed control of the Presentation computer, such as program restriction as well as handing off control of the computer to another(TeamViewer, 2014) .  There are two versions, a free version and one for businesses with different tiers.


  • Join.me


Join.me is a web-based collaboration software application, which provides screen sharing and online meetings. It is getting more and more popular nowadays with a lot of different packages and features. We extremely positive reviews we decided to look into it more in depth.




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