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Team 5 Project Charter

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Team 5: Collaborative File Sharing & Document Management Platforms

Project Charter


Our team will examine several Collaborative File Sharing & Document Management Platforms to determine how these services are utilized in professional and personal situations.  We will compare a variety of online free and pay services to provide useful information to teams/individuals that need to incorporate file sharing into their projects.


Team Members:


Email Address Skype ID

Andre Edmonds

andre.edmonds@outlook.com andre.edmonds
Matthew O’Rourke mattheworouke11@gmail.com morourk5
Lucas Hutchison lahutchi@mtu.edu rithymtech

Arkadiusz Bar

arekbar@gmail.com arekbar51

Matthew Craig

mattcraig21@gmail.com matthew.craig0050 

Dennis Manning

dmannin6@mail.depaul.edu dennis20043


Project Goals / Objectives:

  1. To analyze multiple Collaborative File Sharing & Document Management Platforms to compare and contrast relevant features such as: file size limitations, ease of use, operating system compatibility, mobile support, security, and pricing.
  2. To apply the identified File Sharing & Document Management Platforms to three use scenarios and determine key features that the File Sharing & Document Management Platforms excel and which features they are behind their competition.
  3. To provide decision point information based on the use scenarios to assist different types of users in determining the appropriate File Sharing & Document Management Platform to address their specific project needs. 


Key Deliverables:

  • Develop Project Charter: the formal authorization to start the project. The charter will consist of Business Case / Need, Goals & Objectives, Project Policies, Key Deliverables, Constraints, Project Manager/s (Team 5 Members), Defined Roles and Authorizing Signatures.
  • Create Products / Services List: A preliminary list of products and services the will be explored to determine which one will provide the best benefits for collaborative file sharing and documents management tools. 
  • Use Cases: Construct three independent use case scenarios that will serve as tests for listed products and services
  • Presentation: Present findings / results of each use case to class PM/IS 440 Summer 2014
  • Evaluation & Analysis: Submit final results of four to six significant products or services that are best used for collaboration 


Milestones / Timelines:

Milestones #  Milestones  Mandatory / Optional  Completion Date 
Receive group assignment and start project
2 First team meeting
3 Gather requirements and assign tasks  Mandatory  7/27/14 
2nd Team Meeting - Review Draft Charter  Mandatory  8/2/14 
Finalize Draft Charter and post to Wiki for submission  Mandatory  8/3/14 
Start prep work Deliverable 2 - Presentation  Mandatory  8/4/14 
Presentation Review, Start Deliverable # discussions  Mandatory  8/9/14 
8 Start prep work for Deliverable 3 Mandatory 8/11/14
9 Finalize: Presentation format & Deliverable 3. Do complete dry run of presentation Mandatory 8/16/14
10 Team 5 - Class Presentation Mandatory 8/19/14
11 Submit Deliverable 3 for grading Mandatory 8/20/14


Team Members Availability & Constraints:

Name Availability Constraints
Andre Edmonds 

Mon, Wed, Fri 5pm - 10pm

Weekends - Open 
His company is moving to new office location near the end of class term.. Availability may be limited for collaboration for final deliverable.   
Matthew O’Rourke 

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

After 6:00PM 

Weekends - Open 

The City he works for has regular City Council and Commission meetings that he is required to attend. All meeting start at 7:00pm. 

These vary : Plan Commission 1st and 3rd Tuesday of month. / City Council 1st and 3rd Monday of month. / Corridor Commission 1st Wednesday of month. / Housing Commission 3rd Thursday of the month. / P & D Committee 2nd Monday of the Month

Lucas Hutchison 

Mon, Wed, Fri 5pm - 10pm

Weekends - Open  
Taking 3 classes, 2 classes meet at the same time as PM/IS 440. Will have final proj and take homes at the same time. 
Arkadiusz Bar 

Mon-Thursday 5pm-12am

Weekends - by appointment 
Working Full time and teaching a class at community college 
Matthew Craig  Available most times weekdays and weekends  Some physical limitations. May be limited to talk time for meetings due to some physical limitations that is cause by current back issues.
Dennis Manning 

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

5:00pm - 10:30pm 

Weekends -by appointment

Working Full Time 



Team Members Roles / Job Descriptions:


Andre Edmonds

Team Leader

  • Initiate meetings, create agenda.


  • Setup meeting times via Doodle and provide means of meeting communications (Conference call, Skype).

  • Project contributor for defined deliverables.


Matthew O'Rourke

Recorder / Documents Gatekeeper

  • Takes notes on meetings discussions, ideas and outcomes.

  • Provides repository for all documents for team review via Basecamp and Google Docs.

  • Distribute meeting minutes.

  • Project contributor for defined deliverables.


Lucas Hutchison


  • Setup collaboration repository and provide project ideas collection via Basecamp.

  • Ensure project work aligns with Project Overview documentation.

  • Ensure everyone has a voice in discussions.

  • Project contributor for defined deliverables.


Arkadiusz Bar

Contributor / Team Member

  • Provide input to Project Charter from assigned tasks.

  • Encode Final Video Review  

  • Ensure core group rules are established and followed.

  • Researcher for product evaluation.

  • Project contributor for defined deliverables.


Matthew Craig

Contributor / Team Member

  • Provide input to Project Charter from assigned tasks.

  • Researcher for product evaluation.

  • Project contributor for defined deliverables.


Dennis Manning

Contributor / Team Member

  • Provide input to Project Charter from assigned tasks.

  • Researcher for product evaluation.

  • Project contributor for defined deliverables.


Team Collaboration Tools:

  • Doodle
  • Basecamp
  • Google Docs
  • Skype 
  • PBWorks: PM440 Wiki


Team Rules / Policies / Conflict Management:

  • Weekly meetings or as otherwise scheduled.

  • Team communication is to be done through Basecamp.

  • Members unable to attend meeting are expected to review meeting topics and notes.

    • Deliverables are to be completed regardless of meeting attendance.

  • Tasks will be divided evenly taking into consideration areas of expertise as well as responsibilities outside of the course.

  • Any additions and changes in project requirements expressed in lecture should be communicated.

  • Input on work done by others is encouraged, however content should not be deleted by anyone else other than the author.

    • Suggested changes should be highlighted or otherwise marked.

  • Work in progress is to be shared through Google Docs in case of member absence.

  • Concerns should be raised openly and without critique.

  • Issues concerning the project should be worked out through email / discussion board communication first (Basecamp). If unable to come to an agreement, the topic becomes priority for the next meeting.


Team Signatures

Andre Edmonds

Matthew O’Rourke, aicp

Lucas Hutchison

Arkadiusz Bar

Matthew Craig

Dennis Manning




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