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Team 3 Product List

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Enterprise Social Networking Product List  

Team Charter  | Use Case Scenarios


Yammer – Yammer excels in introducing basic and cost effective collaboration tool in the organization. It is probably least expensive tool in the market. It has basic micro-blogging, chatting and group chatting features. However, it limits itself with project and document management capabilities.



Socialcast - Socialcast is similar to Yammer and other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin. Specific groups can be created according to teams and initiatives, so real-time collaboration can happen. There is a small amount of customization available and it has extensions for other platforms such as Salesforce, Gmail and Sharepoint. It's pricing is similar to Yammer.



Salesforce Chatter – Almost same set of features just as Yammer but costlier option. It also doesn't have private messaging capabilities. It is intended for use primarily for existing salesforce customer.



Jive - Jive is popular and widely adopted platform among large organizations. Jive is known for its stability with list of extensive features that fits in most of large corporations. Few features in addition to micro-blogging, support for mobile devices, user profiles, and private messaging, Jive also has document management, project, and task management, reporting features. Jive also offers LDAP connectivity, which allows easy integration to large organization using active directory.



MangoApps - MangoApps is not so popular, however, it appears to be having extensive list of feature set that covers messaging, event, project, task and other management capabilities. Mangoapps also come with option of video conferencing and other document/wiki features as well. With all the list of features, it also appears to be very cost effective. 





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