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5pm is a project management tool that emphasizes a simple user interface that can easily be customized for individual projects.  The simplistic design makes project management a breeze for a new user and allows multiple views to distinguish between a user’s own tasks and that of the project group.  The software allows users to easily keep track and keep on schedule multiple projects by way of an interactive timeline and reporting techniques.




Storage (Users/Files)



5 users/2 GB



10 users/5 GB



20 users/15 GB



40 users/40 GB










Project Organization

5pm allows users to create multiple items within the system including projects, tasks, and sub-tasks.



Users can add projects either to their own tasks or as group projects and invite members.  Within the Add New Project wizard, they can customize parameters for each project such as which group it is for, a description, and tags so the project is easily searchable.  A start and end date can also be configured to help track the project within the timeline.


Tasks and Sub-Tasks

After creating a project, users are able to add tasks within that project which can be assigned to specific team members.  Start and end dates are also attached to this item.



A user is able to attach a file directly to either a project or a task.  5pm offers integration with other web-based document services like Google Docs making it easy to import files that have been worked on in a different location.


Administrators are able to add both users and clients with varying degrees of permissions.


Adding users into the software is also made easier through integration with other web services such as being able to quickly import users from webmail.  This integration extends by allowing bi-directional email integration whenever tasks/projects are updated within the system.


Users are able to collaborate with each other directly in the system by way of the social timeline which includes instant messaging.  There is also the ability to leave a message or progress note directly on an item so that it is visible to all other users.



The interactive timeline allows users to see in one place all projects and tasks in Gantt view.  The filtering options allow users to view by groups, projects, users, dates, or status.  Users are also able to drag projects and tasks throughout the timeline.  The ability to implement task dependencies means that making these changes to one item will make sure others are adjusted accordingly.  However, there does not seem to be a built in feature to alert or send an email to users when these items are edited on the timeline.




5pm offers 3 different types of reports which can each be additionally customized:


Time Reports show what users are working on and also display how much time each user spends on a task or project.  5pm features other widgets that help support this time management feature such as the time tracker desktop widget.  To improve the accuracy of these reports, users can help keep track of time spent working on an assignment with this tool that acts like an advanced stopwatch.


General Reports give an overview of data entered in the project management software based on certain parameters that are set.


Workload Reports help administrators track which projects and task are assigned to users and how many are assigned at one time.  This report comes with built in qualifying levels that are assigned to users as well such as a normal workload vs. overloaded to quickly identify how the workload is staggered amongst users.




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