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Basecamp is a simple virtual project management software that keeps all of the features of each project limited to one page. The project pages include discussions, to-do lists, files, and text documents for the team. Its interface is uncomplicated and intuitive.  This software is well-suited for a vendor that is looking for a clean, straight forward program to share their progress with clients. There are very few bells and whistles.  The centralized format shows the user all the updates and related files on one page, allowing them see all important information quickly and get a sense of the progress in real time.



Projects are easily created from the homepage once you log in. The project page lays out the updates of all the members of the team at the top, followed by the to-do list, uploaded files, and then text documents. From this page, you can also invite other team members or clients to see and contribute to the project. The site is very uncomplicated, making it appropriate for a collaboration between a vendor and a client. There is no visible billing or private internal company information. The project is the only focus.






Any user on a project can create tasks on the to-do list, which is designed as a checklist. The user can separate and label to-do lists for different tasks.  Each task can be assigned to a team member and a due date. When the user is assigned to a task, they are automatically emailed to alert the of the new to-do item. Tasks can be either unchecked or checked as completed, but there is no way to label its progress. Once an item is checked as completed, it is filed and minimized under "completed to-dos" underneath open tasks.






Any file or image can be uploaded to the project. The file can be kept private from the client, and you can select which team members to email to alert them of the new file. Further, you can include people not part of the project to the discussion of the file.






Separate text documents, for drafts, ideas, or concepts, can be created for details and specific notes on different aspects of the project. The documents can also be commented on by users. The creator can also choose who to notify of the new document.  The document looks just like a yellow legal pad, with options for bold, italic, bulleting, numbering, and quotations. 






Each project can be exported to your local drive in HTML format.



Pricing varies by amount of storage and projects.



Per Day

Per Year

15 projects / 4GB



45 projects / 15GB



80 projects/ 30GB



Unlimited/ 50GB




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