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Oracle Webcenter Review

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Oracle Webcenter is owned and operated by Oracle. This makes it an ideal product for large companies and agencies. It offers web applications, portals, team collaboration and social sites. Webcenter needs a database to store the information such as Oracle database.


Social Networking Services: Enables maximum productivity through collaboration.  People connection is similar to Linkedin it helps assemble business networks. It supports discussion boards the client can participate and create threaded discussions. It has an announcement feature that enables users to personalize and manage announcements. It offers Instant Messaging and Presence (IMP) provides the ability to observe online status.  It also has a Wiki and Blog feature.


Shared Services: provides features for social networking and personal productivity. Documents- provides content management and storage capability, including content upload, file and folder creation as well as file management. Links, enables users to create, publish, and manage lists.  Page- provides the ability to create and manage page run times. Tags- provides the ability to assign one or more personally relevant keywords to a page and/or documents. Events- provides group calenders which users can schedule meetings, appointments, and group tasks.


Personal Productivity Services: Mail- provides integration with IMAP and SMTP mail servers.  Notes- provides the ability to retain small bits of information. RSS- provides the ability to publish content. Worklist- provides a personal at-a-glance view of business processes that require attention.


Oracle Webcenter is a nice one stop shop for middle and major companies with a global reach.  This product would be great for any business professional because it is user friendly and has an excellent platform to support IT professionals. 



Features that are not supported by Oracle Webcenter:

Virtual Meeting Hosting

  • Provides Audio Information


Target Clients/Users:

Oracle Webcenter is targeted at Enterprise level users.  The installation, setup, and configuration requires and experienced developer to make it all work and is not for the average user.  Overall the features of Oracle Webcenter go above and beyond what is necessary for team portal work and make it a great solution for an Enterprise with an established Oracle centric I.T. department.  Although Webcenter is a great product the difficulty of installation and setup is not worth the effort when there are so many other great products on the market.


How to Use:

Download and install Orcal Webcenter on server.  Install client pack on user devices.  Modify and configure Oracle Webcenter based on company needs. 



Feature Heading  Feature Point  Product Supports Feature 
File Sharing     
  Document Upload  Yes 
  Document Download  Yes 
  Editing Files  Yes 
  Meeting Times  Yes 
  Task Due Dates  Yes 
Task Management    
  Assign Team Members Yes 
  Task Status Reporting Yes 
  Team Whiteboard Yes 
  Group Announcements Yes 
Contact Lists   Yes 
Virtual Meeting Hosting    
  Provides Audio Information No 
  Screen Sharing Yes 
  Instant Messenger Yes 
Document Creation    
  Text Documents Yes 
  Spreadsheets Yes 
  Polls/Surveys Yes 
  Charts Yes 
Workspace/Group Separation   Yes 
RSS-Feeds   Yes 
  Document Updates Yes 
  New Comments Yes 
  New Posts Yes 
  Settings to determine Notification Action Yes 
Security Preferences    
  Workspace/Group Security Yes 
  Notification Settings Yes 

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