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Microsoft SharePoint Review

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Traditionally Microsoft SharePoint has been positioned as an intranet based content/document management system but after Microsoft’s new investment and development efforts, it has significantly broader capabilities, including collaboration, project management, social networking, enterprise search, and business intelligence.

When properly installed and configured the following features are fully supported:

Document creation, uploading, editing and sharing

  • Document upload/creation: allows users to upload 1 or multiple files at a time, or create a new file online, with file types including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Document Download: allow users to download files to their local computer or network drives
  • Editing files: allow user to check out and lock a file (so others cannot edit but can still view during this period), edit it directly online, and check back into the system when completed (from this moment others are allowed to edit the files)
  • Keep multiple historical versions of the same file; users can retrieve historical files and view comments made for each revision. 



Contact Lists: create contact information for each user of the organization; move them into different groups (which can be used to grant projects/document permissions)

Task Management

  • Create a task and specify details of requirements
  • Group Announcements: by using the Announcement feature, users can post announcement to project members, choose to send an email to them, or both






Project Management: organizations can customize project pages and settings to fit their own projects, and efficiently coordinate communication and collaboration among team members. Here are some detailed features that can be used:

  • Define access permissions for project stakeholders and team members
  • Centralize various project documents and keep track of their historical versions
  • Automate project reporting process and generate various status/summary reports
  • Track project progress/schedules, control change management processes, and capture/manage project risks

Alerts/Notifications: With SharePoint My Alerts function, we can create alerts to send email notifications to project members upon document creation, editing, deletion and sharing, as well as when a group announcement is posted, and a task is created and assigned, or become due.


Security Settings: using the role of groups (of different users), permission can be controlled for tasks, projects and documents (read-only or write)


Features that are not supported by Share-point


Virtual meeting collaborations (including web demo, audio/video conference, screen sharing and instant messaging) and other meeting management activities (such as initiate a meeting, manage meeting calendars, etc. However instant messaging can be supported if additionally integrated with Microsoft Lync, which is the case in many organizations.


Target clients/users:

Enterprise-level clients who would like to create project and content management systems across multiple offices within their organizations, as well as having the flexibility of offering external access to their systems via web portal. The system can be easily scaled across different physical offices, network domains, and/or expand to internet users, providing consolidated workflow, seamless and consistent experience to all users within the organization.


How to use:

Install Microsoft SharePoint Server edition to the organizations’ intranet/internet, usually consolidated with other seamlessly integrated applications/services such as Microsoft Office (especially Outlook), Office 365, Microsoft Lync, SAP and/or Salesforce, to ultimately provide role-based, authenticated and customizes services for different groups of users across the organizations to fulfill their day-to-day job duties and business processes.  




Feature Heading  Feature Point  Product Supports Feature 
File Sharing     
  Document Upload  Yes 
  Document Download  Yes 
  Editing Files  Yes 
  Meeting Times  No
  Task Due Dates  Yes
Task Management    
  Assign Team Members Yes
  Task Status Reporting Yes
  Team Whiteboard Yes
  Group Announcements Yes
Contact Lists   Yes
Virtual Meeting Hosting    
  Provides Audio Information No
  Screen Sharing No
  Instant Messenger No
Document Creation    
  Text Documents Yes
  Spreadsheets Yes
  Polls/Surveys No
  Charts Yes
Workspace/Group Separation   Yes
RSS-Feeds   Yes
  Document Updates Yes
  New Comments Yes
  New Posts Yes
  Settings to determine Notification Action Yes
Security Preferences    
  Workspace/Group Security Yes
  Notification Settings Yes


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