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Collaborative File Sharing 
Dropbox Google Drive MediaFire  SugarSync 




What's SugarSync?


SugarSync is a personal cloud service that allows access to any files from anywhere at anytime. Collaboration has never been this easy, with SugarSync  simply send an email invitation to grant access to a person or group. SugarSync keeps the last five versions of your files for reference or recovery. The most recent file will count towards storage limits.  





Types of Accounts  Files  Security   Sharing  Platform  Mobile  Limitations Technical Features  

Personal Accounts

  • 60 GB for 7.49 monthly 
  • 250 GB for 24.99 
  • 5 GB free

Word, Spreadsheets, Databases

Option to allow edits to folders share on social media, Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs. Windows  iPhone 

Files that cannot be synced

  • Outlook .pst
  • MS Money
  • Shortcuts
  • MS Office . tmp 
Sync PCs with MACs  

Business Accounts

  • 1 TB for 3-10 users start at 55.00 monthly
Media  Changes can be undone, and files can be undeleted Send links and disable links at any time. Mac  iPad 

Folders that cannot be synced

  • iTunes Libraries
  • Windows Program Directories 
  • Entire C: Directory
  • Quicken 
  • Quickbooks   
Continuously sync and back up files to personal cloud  
  Photo  SSL and AES-256 bit encryption Sync shared folders to your computer. Linux  Android  Deleted files appear in recently modified view Access to all data from smartphone or tablet.
          BlackBerry Movies may not stream using IE 8  Drag and Drop Functionality  
          Symbian   Does not support MAC Server OS
          Windows Mobile      
          Kindle Fire     




Use Case Scenario One 
Requirement Yes/No  Description 
  • Allow all team members to work documents in real time  
Yes   When collaborating changes are synced  
  • Needs tracking and commenting capabilities  
Yes/ No   Opt to receive daily email alerts on changes to files /  Unable to comment
  • Version restoration and control  
Yes  Keeps last 5 versions and restore deleted files

Compatible on

  • PC
  • MAC

SugarSync supports

  • PC
  • MAC

Mobile Apps

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile  



SugarSync supports

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile  
Automatically refreshes/edits document when internet is accessible   Yes  Access files anywhere even offline, when computer connects to internet changes sync to cloud 
Secure   Yes   Transfer uses TLS (SSL 3.3) same as financial transactions  



Use Case Scenario Two
Requirement Yes/No  Description 
Intuitive and easy to use   Yes  User decides which files to sync and where to sync to  
Has the ability to track changes and see previous versions of files   Yes  Keeps the last 5 versions for reference and recovery  
Reliability SLA or guarantee that their work will be available when they need it Yes  Online backup works quietly in background, does not interfere with productivity  
Free, or at least very inexpensive (student budgets) Yes  5 GB is free, thereafter a monthly fee is charged
Compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, and Blackberry Yes SugarSync is compatible across Windows and Mac platforms and mobile devices, IOS, Android, and Blackberry 



Use Case Scenario Three

Requirement Yes/No  Description 
The data contains sensitive information and must be securely stored online   Yes  Data encrypted in 256-bit AES 
File types used can vary, tool must support any kind of file  Yes  SugarSync supports any kind of file  
Files can be large, tool must be able to accommodate files over 1 GB  Yes  Business accounts storage limits > 1 TB  




Scenario 1 - We recommend SugarSync be used in this scenario

Scenario 2 - We recommend SugarSync be used in this scenario

Scenario 3 - We recommend SugarSync be used in this scenario  


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