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Collaborative Authoring Product Breakdown

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Collaborative Authoring and Officing Suites Home Page 

Potential Product List

Use Case Scenarios

Collaborative Authoring Product Breakdown


     For the purposes of this project, the content was written through the lens of three specific scenarios: a community park building project, a collaborative book authoring project, and a virtual programming collaboration team. It was broken up this way intentionally, to give a different feel for each scenario and its particular needs. Readers will notice a different voice between the scenarios and perhaps some overlap between descriptions. This method allows for more comprehensive coverage of different tools and the ways they can be used. 









Site Link docs.google.com https://skydrive.live.com www.zoho.com online.thinkfree.com  https://www.apple.com/iwork-for-icloud 
Established 2007 2007 2005 1990 Coming this fall; announced in June,2013
Storage  15 GB (more with purchase)  7 GB for 1 yr (more with purchase) 5 GB (more with purchase)  1 GB  5 GB (more with purchase) 
Price  Free to a certain storage amount Free to a certain storage amount  Free to a certain storage amount Free  Free to a certain storage amount 
Security  Cloud Environment  Cloud Environment  None listed for free option; SSO & active directory for paid options Cloud Environment  Cloud Environment (iCloud) 
Browser Accessibility Firefox, IE, Chrome & Safari Firefox, IE, Chrome & Safari  Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari & Opera 12
All web browsers (Java is needed, no platform limitations: Windows, Mac and Linux) Safari, IE & Chrome 
Device Accessibility  Android & iPhone applications; all web browser capable devices  Window computers only; Windows phones, iPhones & iPad & Android devices  iPhone & Android devices; online chat  iPhone, Android & Windows mobile devices  Mac, iPhone, iPad
Offline Capabilities Need mobile/internet connection (capabilities are sparse but budding for some aspects) Need mobile/internet connection Need mobile/internet connection; supports offline editing in Office apps via SkyDrive app Need mobile/internet connection Supports offline viewing
Neat Extras Can work with multiple currencies in a spreadsheet; can create basic webpages through the word processor Can upload to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Built-in chat feature in real-time  Can share documents via smart phone  Will be able to create presenter notes in Keynote 



The Product Selection Process: How Did We Choose?

Good question! From an initial list of over 30 products that had some form of cloud-based, collaborative authoring built into them, we narrowed this down to a list of 5 final selections. This was done via a 3 stage process:

  • Stage 1: Initial product hunt
    • This entailed everyone on our project team going out and doing an exhaustive seek and find scouring of the web
  • Stage 2: First Voting Round
    • All products were placed into a Google Form which was used as a voting tool
  • Stage 3: Second Voting Round
    • The final 7 products that received the most votes, other than Google Docs (which won voting on round 1 unanimously), were placed into a second round Google Form
  • We finally ended up with a consensus of 5 products at the end



Scenario Product Evaluations

Community Project Scenario-Product Evaluation & Analysis


Collaborative Book Authoring Scenario-Product Evaluation & Analysis


Virtual Programming Collaboration Scenario-Product Evaluation & Analysis




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