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Use Case Scenarios gss

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Use Case Scenarios

Summer 2013


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Use Case Scenarios

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Use Case 1


The company has a small in-office staff in each office on either side of the country and a sales staff who are remote and travel frequently. The sales staff are rarely in the office and do not have a quiet place for an impromptu meeting. The managers, who live on opposite sides of the country, need to make decisions and communicate with the sales staff quickly.  


Votes are given as yes/no responses with an option of extensive discussions when needed. The voting results aid the managers, but do not direct the final decisions. The ideas are presented in their weekly meetings.


Employees are notified in the meeting, emailed minutes, and notified by the solution once a new discussion is posted. All of the documents will be accessible from the decision making solution. Discussion requirements for the decision making solution should include a way to message each other and the other members of the staff both real-time and asynchronously.


Ideally, everyone would be directed to a decision making solution online where votes are cast and discussion can be had in real-time or at varying times. Any changes that are made to a specific decision must be notified to all employees and the voting and discussion process must restart within the designated time-window.


The team has requested a solution that should feature


  • Instant Messaging amongst team

  • Share documents amongst the team

  • Creating Polls to help make decisions

  • Votes can be changed up until the deadline

  • Ability to discuss the decision topics in real time and asynchronously



Use Case 2


One of the company's global headquarters, that designs health projects in many developing countries around the world, is starting a new sensitive health project in Africa. The company is appointing a project manager for the new health project in a less-developed, and non-English speaking country in Africa. The company has many qualified and effective employees who have been part of their many multinational projects.


The team members of the project will be from different field industries and cultural backgrounds and are generally not located near their managers. The company understands this job is tough, especially in a less-developed country, which needs more efforts to complete their mission with the lack of technology and security resources, and some other obstacles. Therefore, the company is looking for someone in the company who can lead this type of diverse project team to make quick decisions, follow-ups, and provide his/her team members with the right tools to ensure the quality practice facilitation of their meetings, and timeliness of the project deliverables.


The team’s ideal solution should


  • Notify all members of upcoming meetings

  • Create polls to help team members decide on candidates

  • Utilize reporting analytics to decipher results and data  

  • Prioritize candidates to understand who top candidates are

  • Communicate via discussion boards about candidates strengths and weaknesses

  • Keep meetings’ reports and decisions confidential and secure

  • Make alternative suggestions and recommendations



Use Case 3


A regional executive of the company has been informed that their 2015 building budget has been cut and that several of the projects in the planning stages need to be put on hold or potentially eliminated.


The VP has a team of Construction Managers, Project Executives, Project Managers, Planning Engineers, and Regional Controllers that are dispersed throughout the country. Since all team members will be impacted, and the budget cuts are not his doing, the VP wants his management team to collectively work towards deciding which projects should be cut or put on hold.


The management team will be working remotely and some of their time will be spent on virtual meetings held asynchronously and realtime. Having a system that will allow real-time interactivity will be critical. Important features include uploading documents such as spreadsheets and building plans, planning agendas for future meetings, setting deadlines, assigning tasks to individual team members, posting feedback/suggestions, voting, and generating reports. The VP will share the new goals and modified budgets to the management team to aid the team in their decision making.


All managers have company issued laptops that they use on their assigned jobs sites. Having mobile access to the shared documents and data via tablets or smartphones would be ideal, but not required.


The team will produce a full written report which will include an analysis of each of the projects in development and detail the implications of eliminating any project in its current development phase. The report will include analysis of which teams should be eliminated, or put on hold, to meet their new goals and budgets. The VP and his team will present the report and proposal to the executives of the company.


The team requires a solution which offers the ability to:


  • Create meetings and agendas

  • Assign tasks with deadlines to keep team members on task 

  • Allow uploading and sharing of documents amongst the team

  • Allow team to post comments in a discussion board to share ideas and collaborate 

  • Utilize a voting tool in order to help make decisions

  • Provide a reporting system to analyze voting outcomes and other decision making tools

  • Offer mobile access to system through smartphone or tablet







Comments (5)

Kirk Ockerman said

at 11:02 am on Aug 21, 2013

Updated again with all content in Google Docs. Use Case 3 wasn't updated.

mob@biblicone.com said

at 2:47 am on Aug 21, 2013

Use Cases have been updated.

Danny Mittleman said

at 2:22 pm on Aug 10, 2013

Use case 1: please describe who proposes the decisions that have to be made. Are these yes/no votes, or are they more complex than that? Is there a text discussion prior to the vote? Is the vote a recommendation to the managers or final decision? How are people informed when a new question/vote is happening? How many of these votes are there per week? How long do people discuss before voting?

IMPORTANT: someone votes and then someone else adds new information to the discussion (or chat)--can the first person change their vote, or once they vote is it locked in? If they can't change, then do the managers want a process so that they know all key information has been surfaced before the vote? If they can change, then how do we know when a vote is over, since people might keep adding new chat information that would change other people's votes? (This is not an easy conundrum to solve)

Danny Mittleman said

at 2:17 pm on Aug 10, 2013

Use case 3 is a classic GSS use case. Do be clear what aspects of this work will be done same time and what aspects different time (perhaps it is all same time?) Do be clear whether any same time work will be in one meeting room or virtual. Do be clear whether there is a need for anyone to access this work via mobile device or not. Do be clear whether this team determines the criteria for evaluating the projects or whether that criteria is provided to them. Do be clear whether the decisions are recommendations or final decisions. If recommendations, do be clear whether text justification is required. That is: what does the final work product of this team look like? Do be clear whether the team needs shared access to external documents while doing their work and, if so, what form and about how many external documents there are.

Danny Mittleman said

at 2:13 pm on Aug 10, 2013

Use case two is a more general project management situation. The requirements you surface probably need to be fulfilled by several different products. A GSS (as I've defined one in class), is only going to be useful for the second and fifth bullet on the list. The first bullet requires a collaborative authoring product. The third bullet suggest a forum or discussion board product. The fourth bullet is straight project management software.

If you keep all five of these requirements in your use case, you will either find nothing on your list does the trick, or you will find you deeply compromise functionality of 2 and 5 in order to get 1, 3, and 4 requirements fulfilled.

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