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Collaborative Authoring and Officing Suites

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Collaborative Authoring and Officing Suites Home Page

Summer 2013


Collaborative Authoring and Officing Suites Home Page 

Potential Product List

Use Case Scenarios

Collaborative Authoring Product Breakdown

Collaborative Authoring & Officing Suites: Charter



Team Members:

Name  Email Address Phone Number  Constraints
Erin Wawok  erinelainewawok@gmail.com 773-240-3526 

Taking 2 summer courses (Tues, Wed, Thurs nights);

work Tues, Thurs, Fri;  8/3 from 12pm-9:30pm, 8/17 all day 

Laura Harrison  lah05g@gmail.com 609-361-4939 

Working from about 8-6pm central in Texas so face-to-face

meetings are not an option; in the middle of buying a house 

Derrick Wlodarz  dwlodarz@gmail.com 312-719-1232 

Nothing in particular, besides running my small business

which comes and goes in waves 

Hussah Alshammari  engfrenchlavender@gmail.com 312-929-8298  Preparing for GRE exam 




Our team is comprised of a variety of strengths, including:

  • Analytical skills
  • UML Design
  • Strong writing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Leadership experience




  • To provide an objective viewpoint of the different collaborative authoring products that we will examine or test
  • To deepen our personal insight on collaborative authoring and the instances in which it can be utilized
  • To establish best practices of collaborative products
  • To effectively evaluate how to work in a purely virtual team environment



Team Expectations:

Erin: I expect emails to be returned within 2-3 hours, unless between the hours of 10pm-8am. I expect our assignments to be completed at LEAST 24 hours before the due date. I expect to aid and encourage my teammates in their portions of the assignment when they need it. 


Laura: I expect everyone to do their part to contribute to the success of the team.  I would expect everyone to respond in a timely manner to all emails and team communications.  Please respect one another and their constraints.   


Hussah: I expect that everyone does their assigned work and doesn’t depend on others to do it.  I expect that we are going to accomplish our tasks on time and I expect that we are going to work hard and hand-in-hand to reach our goals. 


Derrick: Contributions to the team’s progress do not always have to be in the form of correct answers. A strong effort and willingness to bring forth new ideas, constructive criticism, and dedication are just as good sometimes. Open communication channels, timely work ethic, and inclusive teamwork are my top qualities in expectation.



Our Team Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Project Manager (ERIN)
    • Keeping track of progress on project
    • Keeping everyone on track for duration of project
    • Motivating team members
    • Being the overall go-to leader on project; point of authority
    • Acting as “peacemaker” when necessary
      • Providing the tie-breaking vote on deadlocks


  • Timekeeper (HUSSAH)
    • Facilitating communication between members
    • In charge of setting up agenda for each meeting
      • Sharing agenda with all team members
      • Taking the notes for the agenda document
    • Making sure meetings flow & that all items are covered


  • Content Manager/Lead Editor (LAURA)
    • Last set of eyes to view all documents being submitted
      • Ensuring that all grammar, spelling, formatting, style are correct and up to project standards
    • Ensuring all documentation gets posted to the final Wiki site
    • Making sure that there are no “thought gaps” or losses of information
    • Ensuring that any citations needed (ex: product specs, links) are added to final Wiki site documentation posting


  • Technical Research Lead (DERRICK)
    • Ensuring technical accuracy in capabilities/limitations of products being tested
    • Ensuring that any questions from team members about software/products is answered



Technologies Being Utilized:

  1. Google Hangouts: our main virtual meeting tool
  2. Google docs: create, share, and edit our documents. Used for agendas, deliverable drafts, etc
  3. Gmail/Email: used for day-to-day updates on team status, meeting times, etc
  4. Phone calls/Texting/Conference Bridge: faster communication between team members
  5. Doodle: for meeting scheduling decision making



Decision Making Process:

  1. Present an idea
  2. Each members gives feedback
  3. Edits are made, if needed
  4. Idea is implemented



Conflict Management:

  1. Identify the issue
  2. Team members discuss and then voice their solutions
  3. Choose three to four solutions from the list
  4. Vote
  5. Tie breaking: project manager has the tie breaking vote call
  6. Implement the solution



Virtual Meeting Rules:

  • Team members should be on time for each group meeting
    • Team timekeeper should be a bit early to help set up the Google Hangout session for the meeting to ensure remote participants are able to join in on time
  • A team member has to notify the group when they cannot attend the meeting or if they are going to be late
  • Let others finish stating their points
  • Constructive criticism of ideas 
  • Team meeting agendas are to be shared and allowed for open editing by team members at least 24 hrs prior to the start of any meeting


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