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Copy of Team Charter

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Meeting Availability

Team Member  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday 
Steve  8a-1p  8a-1p  8a-1p  8a-1p  10a-3p  10a-3p 
Virgile  1p-4p, 10p-11p  1p-4p, 10p-11p  1p-4p, 10p-11p  1p-11p  10-12a  10-12a 
Melissa  3p-5p, 9p-12a  3p-5p, 9p-12a  3p-5p, 9p-12a  3p-5p, 9p-12a  3p-5p, 9p-12a  10a-1p  10a-1p 
Derek  6p-11p  6p-11p  6p-11p  6p-1a  10a-1a  10a-1a 
Suitable Meeting Days             


Availability Exceptions


Derek:  Very limited availability May 30-June 4


Agreed Communication Methods


Routine: Email, Google Drive, PBworks Wiki, text messaging, Google Calendar 

Meetings:  Google Hangout, Google Drive, conference calls (secondary to Google Hangout)


Team Behavior Expectations


Rotating Assigned Roles:

1. Project Leader:  Organize when we meet, drives discussion, follows up on assigned tasks.  Sends proposed agenda for the next meeting to team so the team has a baseline for planning the next meeting agenda.  Keeps discussion on track.

Week1- R. Derek Thopy

Week2- Melissa Doernte

Week3- Steve Hurley

Week4- Virgile Nuzzo

Week5- R. Derek Thopy

2. Secretary:  Meeting Notes, posting status updates to PBworks Wiki.  Records who had what role in the meeting and what the roles will be in the next meeting.  Makes notes of all deadlines.

Week1- Melissa Doernte

Week2- R. Derek Thopy

Week3- Virgile Nuzzo

Week4- Steve Hurley

Week5- Melissa Doernte

3. 2 Facilitators:  Listens and provides helpful feedback.  Reviews all submitted documents and updates.

Week1- Virgile Nuzzo, Steve Hurley

Week2- Melissa Doernte, Virgile Nuzzo 

Week3- R. Derek Thopy, Melissa Doernte

Week4- R. Derek Thopy, Steve Hurley

Week5- Steve Hurley, Virgile Nuzzo


Rules to ensure a successful project:

1. Full attendance of all meetings and project deadlines.

2. Team member will contact others in the team if they are unable to attend a meeting or project deadline 24 hours prior.

3. All work will be completed to the best of your ability.

4. Listen and actively participate in all meetings, being honest and open.

5. Each team member is responsible for their own work.


Time to respond to email (hours):  Be able to respond within 4 hours of the email.  Give a time estimate as to when you will be able to complete the tasks outlined in the email, should you not be able to provide the requested information within 4 hours.


Lead-time for assigned review (hours): 24 hours before document is due.  If more changes need to be made, make sure edited document is finalized by group no less than 12 hours before due.


Issue/Conflict resolution process:  Issues will be discussed openly at the weekly meeting to reach resolution by consensus.  If the group is divided, then the group leader for the week will make the final decision.


Agendas:  Should be sent out with the Google Calendar meeting request at least by the Thursday before the weekly meeting by 5PM.


Editing documents:  Group members should edit documents within Google Drive folder.  There is a nightly backup in place for any problems that may arise with edits.


Team Contact Information


Name:  Steve Hurley

Email:  hurleysteve@gmail.com

Skype:  hurley_steve

Other: 708-217-3392 (cell)


Name:  R. Derek Thopy

Email:  dthopy@gmail.com

Skype:  dthopy

Other:  317-946-3855 (cell)


Name:  Melissa Doernte

Email:  doernte011@gmail.com

Skype:  mdoernte

Other:  734-678-8720


Name:  Virgile Nuzzo

Email:  virgile.nuzzo@gmail.com

Skype:  virgile.nuzzo

Other:  312-804-5341






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