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Use Cases - Mobile Virtual Teams

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User Personas 

  • Sales professionals need to be able to access documents to provide quotes to customers, check current stock and stay current with all details within an organization as well as external information that might be pertinent. The needs of virtual and mobile collaboration tool for documents is widely needed in this setting.  A sales rep may need a tool to present documents to a customer. They may also need to interact with some kind of collaboration platform. A manager may also need to approve the document or even make corrections into this document. 


"Investing in tablet technology can also result in convenience, connectedness, and portability for the sales force and customers alike. Additionally, mobility technology offers such cutting-edge capabilities as location based services, 24/7 connectivity, richer and more interactive media, and emerging technologies such as QR codes and near-field communications. These technologies can increase the communication of real-time, hot leads that can be sent immediately to the nearest sales representative based on location." (Tayob & Pressburger, 2011)


  • Emergency personnel or first responders need to be able to have access to the most up-to-date information, and have clear lines of communication while in the field.  


"Communication and the ability to access information quickly have a direct impact on how first responders execute their missions, by enhancing situational awareness and by aiding decision-making during a disaster."   (Courtright, 2012)



  • Mobile System administration tools are available for IT staff to allow them full secured connectivity in order to have access to servers in emergency situations or when traveling


                      "There are various ways mobile devices can be used to provide access to support and administration tools. Remote desktop tools give

                       direct access to servers, while mobile versions of desktop administration tools use phone screens to handle administration tasks without

                       requiring the whole desktop experience." (Bisson, 2008)



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