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Cost vs Benefit Analysis of Tools Available

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This table shows a number of tools available that include a mobile option with a breakdown of available features and costs analysis.  This does not represent every tool or application available on the market, but includes the most widely adopted tools with a variety of different feature configurations.  



Mobile Tool Matrix

Mobile Collaboration Tools

  Dropbox Google Maps Google+ Microsoft Offce 365 Cisco Jabber Box.net QlikView MangoSuite Mobile Yammer QuickOffice Podio Orchestra To-do 37signals Campfire GroupMe Fuze Meeting Cisco Webex Gotomeeting.com ShowDocument SugarSync HyperOffice
Open Source/Free X X X       X X X   X X   X   X   X    
Paid/Fee $795/5 users/year     Per Office 365 annual fee $130 Cisco Unified Messaging Licensing $15/user/month   $7 per app/month $5/user/month -Premium $14.99 over 10 accounts $4/user/month   $12 for 12 chatters/month   $29/25 participants/month $24/8 users/month $25/25 attendees/month $29.99 unlimited/month $29.99/3 users/100GB $15/user/month
Supported Mobile Devices Android/Blackberry/iPhone/iPad/Kindle Fire Android/iPhone/iPad Android/iPhone Windows Phone/iPhone/iPad/Android/Nokia Android/iPhone Android/iPhone/iPad Android/iPhone/iPad Android/Blackberry/iPhone/iPad/Kindle Fire Windows Phone/iPhone/iPad/Android Android/iPhone/iPad Android/iPhone/iPad Android/iPhone/iPad Android/iPhone/iPad Windows Phone/iPhone/iPad/Android Android/iPhone/iPad Windows Phone/iPhone/iPad/Android/Nokia Windows Phone/iPhone/iPad/Android/Nokia Android/Blackberry/iPhone/iPad Android/Blackberry/iPhone/iPad/Kindle Fire Android/Blackberry/iPhone/iPad/Kindle Fire
Cloud enabled X X X X   X X X X X X X X     X     X X
Calendaring     X X       X     X         X       X
Task management               X X   X         X       X
Contacts     X X X     X     X X X   X X   X   X
Wikis               X               X       X
Email     X X       X     X X               X
Mobile Sync     X X   X X X X X X X       X       X
Voting               X     X                 X
Whiteboard     X X       X X   X   X   X X X X    
Reminders               X     X X       X       X
Voice over IP       X X                     X        
Conferencing     X X X   X X X       X   X X X X   X
Access to document repository X   X     X X X X X X         X     X X
Chat (Instant Messaging)     X X X     X X     X X X X X X X   X
Word Processing tools     X       X   X X           X       X
Video messaging     X X X                     X X      

* References are per product hyperlink.


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