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Team 4: Six Tips on Getting Your Virtual Team Off to a Great Start

Page history last edited by James Weaver 7 years, 8 months ago

The purpose of this wiki page is to provide information to coordinate and implement a successful virtual team. The target audience are companies that are just starting to use virtual teams and incorporate them as their standard means of collaboration. This page will provide useful information to ensure a successful and productive meeting, ultimately meeting project goals and objectives.



   Overview of articles and topics


Creating a Communication, Contingency Plan and Training Your Virtual Team 

     Communication Plan

     Methods of Communication

     Meeting Etiquette

     Sharing the Communication Plan

     Communication and Stakeholders

     Contingency Plan

     Conflict Resolution

     Training Virtual Teams


Create and Communicate Foundation Documents 

     Mission Statement

     Project Purpose and Goals

     Organizing and Tasking the Project

     Example Mission Statement

     Project Charter

     Virtual Teaming Document




Preparing for the Kick-Off Meeting

     Distributing Project Documents


     Software Rehearsal

     Roll Call


Holding the Kick-Off Meeting

     Project Introduction

     Key Personnel Introduction

     Agenda Items

     Recap Key Points





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