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Specification notes

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Menu structure


Global Conference Specifications:


a) Functionality. What is the software supposed to do?
b) External interfaces. How does the software interact with people, the system’s hardware, other hardware, and other software?
c) Performance. What is the speed, availability, response time, recovery time of various software functions, etc.?
d) Attributes. What are the portability, correctness, maintainability, security, etc. considerations?
e) Design constraints imposed on an implementation. Are there any required standards in effect, implementation language, policies for database integrity, resource limits, operating environment(s) etc.?



1. Support for Text Documents, Slideshows, PDFs?,

functionality: upload, view, (themeleader mgt control), edit (if possible), download (maybe manage access), comment on.


2. Access Control List


SuperAdministrator: all access

Administrator: almost all access, can't delete site

Theme Leader:

Theme Manager:


Conference Participant

General Public



6 content themes

Conference Leadership

Student Conference


Voice Channel:





Question: GoogleDocs integration with shared login (Zoho), (Wiki)



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