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Tester Feedback

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  1. Overview
  2. The ICA project in PM440  
    1. What Was Built
    2. Decisions
  3. Testing 
    1. General Testing Information
    2. Testers' Demographic Summary  
    3. Testing Results
  4. Barriers/Issues/Problems
  5. Recommendations
  6. User Documentation 


Testing Information


From an email invitation, our tester used a link to Marcell's instruction document, and a link to the alpha site.

Thanks to the testing phase, we tested if the the tester:

  • Could join the Wiggio Alpha group easily and received an immediate response from Wiggio. However, the Wiggio site did not catch up quickly to the new joiner, i.e., the Group was not "ready" for her to act on it, so at first the tester thought something was wrong.
  • Was able to complete all actions on the testing instructions within 30 minutes while multi-tasking.
  • Was able to join a Wiggio chatroom with 3 other members.
  • Was able to find all the Wiggio functionality after exploring the "links" and "buttons".


This is the link to the standardized survey.


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