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Instructions for Team 3 ICA Website

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Google Main Site




Overview -

The main site links to all the features and information that support the ICA Global Conference. The site is designed to be the entryway for new users, from where site visitors can navigate to theme-specific information as well as general conference information. From this main site users can access the following features:

  • Google+: for social network-like updates and information feeds.
    • Google Hangouts: within Google+, this feature offers live video conferencing with up to 10 participants.
  • Blogger: open conversation on theme-specific articles posted by Theme Chairs.
  • Google Docs: collaborative authoring tool to produce text documents.


Uploading Documents to the Google Site -

  1. Note: only site Administrators are allowed to upload and remove documents.  
  2. Documents will only appear on the page they are uploaded; this allows for theme-specific information. 
  3. As a site Administrator, navigate to the bottom of the page.
  4. This instructional video shows how to upload, view, and delete a file: http://screencast.com/t/IrQc90LU
  5. There is no set file upload quantity limit, though there is a 12MB limit across the entire site (may vary depending on the file types being uploaded).
  6. Google Sites tracks the version history of the uploaded files. This is convenient.
  7. Any site visitor is able to download the files.


Picasa Image Uploads -

  1. Note: ANY visitor to the site is able to upload images to the slideshow found on each of the Theme pages.
  2. Restrictions can be edited based on the Picasa account used to create the image slideshows.
  3. Current settings have the ICA Test Account Galleries as Public to all.
  4. Only the Admin and the user who uploaded the photo can remove images.
  5. Follow this video to see the process of adding and removing images from theme slideshows:  http://screencast.com/t/C26lxNnDDjkk
  6. Admin: in order to set up the Picasa web albums, you will need to download Picasa to your computer. Without this download you will only be able to upload individual images. 
  7. The current images on the site are tiny icon images, which is why they appear so small. Please do not be alarmed, this was done for testing purposes only. Assuming the majority of images uploaded to the site will be larger than 200 x 200 pixels, the images will display nicely.



Google Docs


User – 

1. Click on any of the themes pages from our central website.

2. Under “Contribute to the Theme Document” heading, click the link to edit the document.

3. You are able to type right into the document that is automatically saved after every few seconds. You are able to use multiple menu options Google offers, right from the document. 

Note: If you are familiar with Microsoft Word or Open Office Documents, much of the menu options are the same.

For more information, please refer to the excellent documentation provided by Google at this address:  http://goo.gl/k7pfD



Administrators have multiple options in order to create and publish documents. Many of the basic tasks can be learned by watching videos or reading the excellent documentation Google provides. Some references are:

• A guide containing an overview of all the features possible with Google Docs as Viewing files in Google Docs, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, and Documents Lists: http://goo.gl/xwNLR

• Links to multiple videos with live capture on how to use many of the features Google Docs offers http://goo.gl/GcWuW

• Many more video tutorials are available at youtube.com by searching the with keywords “Google Docs”




User – 

1. Click on the blog link for one of the themes.

2. Once in the blog, browse through different posts and select the one you would like to comment on.

3. Next to the last comment, you will see a comment link. Click it.

4. Insert your comment to the text box.

5. Select a profile to comment from (only click a profile with which you already have a active account) or click Anonymous.

6. Click preview to see how your comment would look or click publish to make this comment live.

7. Enter the words that the security window displays.

8. Click Post.


Administrators –

• Many of the Blogger functionality is presented as tutorials that are available at Blogger’s help channel. This channel is a guide for almost all How To’s in Blogger. This can be accessed at: http://goo.gl/gBHpj

• Many more video tutorials are available at youtube.com by searching the with keywords “Blogger”





1. Join Google+ and add ICA Conference to your circles by clicking the Add to Circle button.

2. To add a comment to a post: Click on Posts, enter your comment and click Post comment.


Admin / Theme Chairs -

1. Create a circle and add fellow conference attendees to your circle.  View this video on how to create a circle.

2. Start a hangout with other conference attendees. View this video on how to start a hangout.



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