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Copy of Team 4 Design

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About Podio - short video clip:



Team #4 Podio Workspace


A Multiple Purpose App

  • Assists with organizing projects
  • Activity stream allows users an overview of recent user actions (i.e., comments, edits, and status updates 
  • Mix bag of tools that give users control over the following, but not limited to schedules, tasks, and reports.
  • Allows users to create their own working space that provide a place to centralize project tasks and activity.
    • tasks setting include creating to-do lists and delegate items to other users
  • Calendars allow for users to schedule work and monitor progress to meet deadlines
  • Allow to scheduling meetings for teams and/or groups 
  • The Podio tool stores users contacts
    • allows for full user profiles
  • Allows for the tweaking existing Podio apps or creation of apps
  • Mobile Versions
    • Iphone app
    • Android app 
  • Podio is multilingual in seven languages:
    • Brazilian
    • Danish
    • Italian
    • German
    • Spanish
    • English
    • French

How does Podio differ from other collaboration apps?

  • Podio "gathers all its eggs in one basket" via its own interface design unlike other apps.  
  • In addition it offers many similar features that have become expected with collaboration applications

What's in the Cost? 

  • Accounts are free after sign up.
    • include unlimited spaces, apps, and storage 
    • SSL security
    • Standard level support
    • access for up to ten users
      • can upgrade to a paid membership ($100 per month)
        • include up to 25 users (additional users at $4.00 per month)
          • account for 100 or more are eligible for discount. 
        • priority level support
        • reporting  and management features
        • user permission settings 

Recommended Users?

Small businesses


Comments about Podio

  • Multiple apps yet limited
  • No functionality to register to access ICA 
    • Will have to take note on requirements
  • Podio allows duplicates (big issue)
    • allows anyone to modify/delete workspaces 
  • Everyone is considered an employee
    • can't change the employee status 
      • Not relevant for every user 
  • Removing workspaces require all users that joined to participate (i.e., click on leave organization). 
  • Too many steps to share a created app among the sub-workspaces 
  • Apps are easy to create but functionality (i.e., for specifics) is a concern 


Survey Questions (To be submitted for TDT) 


Basic Actions

  • Create your profile 
  • Participate in a discussion  
  • Post an image
  • Start a discussion 
  • Add to a collaborative document
  • Upload a document 




  • What browser did you use? (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc)
  • How did you access the website? ( Desktop/Laptop/Netbook/Tablet/Ipad/Web enable mobile phone (android/Iphone), Video game (Xbox, PS3, Wii)
  • What is your level of experience with using the internet? (Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advance)
  • What is your level of experience with social media (Beginner,Novice, Intermediate, Advance)
  • Are you directly experienced with the ICA group (Yes or No)
  • Are you a student or working professional (Yes or No) 
  • How often do you utilizie collaboration tools to complete task (never, sometimes, always)
  • Are you an online student (Yes or No)
  • Do you telecomute for work (Yes or No)  



Video/Image/Document Rep


  • How would you rate the usability? (1 to 10 with 1 being lowest and 10 being highest)
  • How would you rate navigability? (1 to 10 with 1 being lowest and 10 being the highest)
  • How would you rate the design (visual appearance)? (1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)
  • Font size? (to big, to small, just right)
  • Color?
  • Any problems uploading videos, pictures, PowerPoint?
  • Any problems downloading, video, pictures, PowerPoint?
  • Where you able to upload files from the Google Docs option within Podio?
  • Where you able to save documents? 





  • Post a file via blog entry  
  • How easy was it to submit a blog entry? (Rate: 1 to 5)
  • Were you able to attach file(s) ? (Yes or No)



  • What did you like about the website?
  • What did you dislike?
  • What would you do to improve the website?
  • Overall how would you rate the website? (1 to 10)


Open-ended response

Where there any extra steps (i.e., downloads) needed to navigate/interact with site?

How would you rate the layout (i.e., sections/themes) of site?

  • Ease of use (i.e., was information easily accessible)?

How did you view the site (i.e., Laptop or Mobile phone)?

  • Which did you find to be more efficient and why? 

Would you recommend this site to others for similar purposes? 

Was there too much or not enough material/information on site? 

  • recommendations for improvement?

Was the event information helpful?

  • any recommendations?



Brainstorm possibilities for candidate user stories (keep in mind testers only have 60 minutes):

     Note: Doing any four of the following task may take 30 minutes

  • create your profile 
  • participate in a discussion  
  • post an image
  • start a discussion 
  • add to a collaborative document
  • upload a document 


Three classes of testers:

  1. Doug's students--they are undergraduates largely unfamiliar with ICA and with virtual collaboration, but are taking a virtual collaboration course and have read up on ICA and the conference the previous week.
  2. The ICA theme leaders--we will get only a few of these participating; very familiar with ICA and conference, unfamiliar with virtual collaboration.
  3. Virtual collaboration sisterhood--they are virtual facilitators who will be very skilled with these communities, and fairly familiar with ICA (but not the conference); we may get a half dozen of these people. 



Testing Development Team - TDT

Please note the deadlines as of February 19th (Sunday) from  TDT meeting (The schedule for the project):

  • Collect all survey content from each group DUE 11:59pm Tuesday.

  • Reorganize content (uniformity of content)  DUE 11:59pm Wednesday.

  • Rewrite survey (uniformity of style) DUE 11:59pm Thursday. 

  • Create google docs survey DUE 11:59pm Friday. 

  • Final Revisions DUE 11:59pm Saturday.


Next (TDT) meeting on skype: Friday 7:30pm (if your interested in listening in).


Just to recap, the TDT strategy is to have each team come up with survey content separately. 

Then we combine all of that content, split it up by sections (i.e., Basic Actions, Demographics, Video/Image/Document Repository,and Blogging), and sort what all 8 teams came up with.  Each section will be rewritten and to eliminate redundancy and generalize the questions (to make sense for all platforms).


Team #4 



Questions for ICA Board Members: 


Pre conference

  • What is the technical profile of the users participating in the online community?
  • What technological limitations will the users have?
  • Will the users need to provide an indepth profile?
  • What type of users are going to attend(regional location, technological/education levels, is there a set profile?)

Live Conference

  • Will the conference events need to stream real time? This will require onsite infrastructure and a support team.
  • Will all conference events need to be broadcasted or just the main event pieces?
  • How many users will be accessing the conference in real time via Web?

Post Conference

  • Which languages require support?
  • How many users are expected in the online community?
  • What is the technical profile of the users participating in the online community?
  • What technological limitations will the users have?
  • Will the in person attendees receive a free code to logon to the online community?
  • Does the community need to be integrated with the current ICA site?








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