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  1. Overview 
    1. Presentation of Wiggio 
    2. Pros Observed
    3. Cons Observed 
  2. The ICA project in PM440  
    1. What Was Built
    2. Decisions
  3. Testing 
    1. General Testing Information
    2. Testers' Demographic Summary  
    3. Testing Results
  4. Recommendations
  5. User Documentation



General Items

  • To overcome the 100mb limit on files, store videos, etc. on YouTube and upload links to Wiggio.
  • Each theme should have its own group; the "All Groups" icon on the left-hand navigation can be used as an overview of all activity for the pre-conference preparation.
    • Participants can easily ask for access to multiple ICA themes (known in Wiggio as "groups").
    • One Wiggio group should be an "International" group with all the common information for the conference. Each Theme has its own group with, for example, its own related meetings and Feed.
  • There are three ways to add group members:
    • Email (manually, via spreadsheet, or via address book)
    • Facebook
    • Link + password

Instead of themes sending invitations to members via email, it's also possible to post the Theme (Wiggio group) URL and password on a Web page or make it available once the new member registers.



Wiggio is perfect for preparing files, scheduling meetings, and making decisions leading up to the Fall 2012 conference dates. Wiggio will work well with groups and project teams of less than 30 members. With more than 30 members, a dedicated registration and member administrator may be necessary to assign members to themes that are available to them, and then track any changes or updates. Theme leaders along with conference administrators should decide on their development processes as soon as possible. The processes include:

  • Deciding how to create and manage themes/groups so that files can be shared and version controlled
  • Use Wiggio to hold white board sessions in preparation for the conference 
  • Creating a Work breakdown structure 
  • Scheduling milestones and review dates (including preparatory meetings with virtual presenters), including recurring meetings. Add links (e.g., meeting agendas) to meetings.
  • Reviewing and signing off conference deliverables


With Wiggio, you will be able to:

  • Create, post and interact from a single 8th Global Conference Wiggio group to quickly access and view all the shared conference messages, files, dates and milestones.
    • Have conference administrators and the international chair create surveys and polls to gauge interest and highlight concerns from each member.
    • Schedule conference organizational meetings to achieve consensus, and assign tasks.
  • Create a Wiggio group for each Theme.
    • For each Theme, use Wiggio to share files, links, and images as each theme prepares for the conference.
    • Share a common calendar per theme to schedule meetings and send reminders as the presentations and activities are finalized for the conference event.
    • Allow theme members to organize their own pre-conference to-do lists and meetings to prepare their paper, presentation, and poster sessions.


During Conference

  • Post instructions from Theme Leaders for breakout sessions.
  • Use Wiggio chat rooms for theme breakout sessions. 
  • Use polls and surveys for virtual involvement.
  • Upload report documents per breakout group per session or at day's end; consolidate into a final Theme summary/action plan at end of conference.
  • Post photos of attendees "workshopping."
  • Create daily polls/surveys to check the pulse of the groups (both onsite and offsite participants). Vote and rank actions plans for moving forward.
  • Record sessions, upload to YouTube, and create a link in Wiggio. This will make the conference accessible to most offsite participants with minimal distraction to the onsite groups. Virtual participants can comment and interact asynchronously, including dedicated chat room sessions scheduled for focused discussions.
  • Create multiple groups specifically for the Youth Conference, each having its own topic for discussion and sharing files/images/ art. Create polling for best poetry, best short essay, best photo, etc.



  • Compile and share Lessons Learned via uploaded files, and scheduled conference calls and virtual meetings. From your action plans, create To-Do lists and then assign the tasks to group members over the coming year.
  • Schedule meetings and send reminders as the conference actions take shape and goals are accomplished globally.
  • Post a Newsletter containing information on upcoming and ongoing activities, events, and general news about the organization and its leaders. 
  • Consider Wiggio groups based on country, region, and/or language needs.

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