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What Was Built


Tester Information

Testing Results



User Documentation


Barriers, Issues, and Problems (observations)


Organization and Membership

  • There are 2 hierarchical levels of groups: a Group and a Subgroup. That is, you can't have a subgroup of a subgroup. Theme leads might consider creating their own Groups for smaller "breakout" collaborations. In these breakout groups, files and other items can be shared with smaller groups within a theme, or for a Theme Leader's own personal work space in order to limit access.
  • Currently, there is no order to how groups / subgroups sort themselves or appear in the left-hand navigation. Wiggio hopes to change that in the future.
  • Members added at a later date cannot see previous posts/feeds unless specifically added to each post.
  • Cannot find other Wiggio users; must have email address of person to add them as a member.



  • File upload is limited to 100mb per file; video uploads will suffer from this limitation.
  • Can only assign permissions to files, not folders.


Messages (email, SMS, voicenote, videonote)

  • Messages do not include formatting such as indents. Not a major issue unless you use indents to show a quotation from someone else.
  • Emails won't appear in the Group Feed if the group email (e.g. 8thglobalconferencesite1@wiggiomail.com) is in the CC: or BCC: fields. (Confirmed by Wiggio staff)



  • To be able to chat, a user needs to create a chatroom and invite the other participants. This impedes users to simply start/get involved in a chat conversion spontaneously with anyone who is on the site.   


Calendar / Scheduling

  • A private conference call can be created with up to 50 participants. Participants receive an email with the call-in details.
  • A virtual meeting can be created with up to 10 participants. During the virtual meeting the screen can be shared, and videoconference is available. Also a whiteboard can be shared with participants. Participants receive an email with a link into the meeting.


Surveys / polls

  • Polls / surveys are unique to the person who created them. Once the survey is sent, it cannot be edited. If you need to collaborate on a survey, first create the questions in document form, and build the survey once the questions are finalized.


To-Do list

  • On a ToDo list, when a task is assigned, an email is sent to the assignee; there is no choice for notification method other than email.



  • Must download video files before being able to view them.
  • Not able to share with subscribers to other video services or anyone not subscribing to a video service. 


News Feed

  • The posts posted in a group and its subgroups all appear on the same news feed. The user can identify from where the post comes from (which subgroup in the group or the group only) on the top right of the post, where it's written the name of the group or subgroup. This distinction is not very clear and can be a little confusing for the user. 


Other / Accessibility

  • Wiggio mobile app is only available for iPhone. 


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