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Wiggio_What Worked Well

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What Was Built


Tester Information

Testing Results 



User Documentation


Wiggio's Pros

  • You can make an event in the Calendar specific to group members.
  • You can choose and add new email of who you want to receive notification. 
  • Members are able to choose their notification preference.
  • You can import a personal Calendar from Google, Yahoo!, or iCal.
  • The Calendar time zone is automatically picked up from your computer; you can choose to manually switch the time zone if preferred.
  • Wiggio provides video tutorials that are easy to follow and understand.
  • Setting permissions for members is simple and easy to modify.
  • There is a search function that makes what you're looking for easier to find. 
  • You can store Contacts making communication effortless.  
  • The Wiggio User Guide makes it easy to get started on tasks quickly.
  • Member profiles are highly customizable. Each member can include a photo, and Aim, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and Blog information.
  • The Wiggio feedback team have been attentive and prompt when asking for additional information or logging enhancement requests.
  • It is easy to conduct collaborative authoring on both documents that have been created in Wiggio itself and in documents that were uploaded to Wiggio. 
  • The restriction in terms of access to documents worked well: only the members of a group/subgroup can read and edit the documents created by this group/subgroup. 

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