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  1. Overview 
    1. Presentation of Wiggio 
    2. Pros Observed
    3. Cons Observed 
  2. The ICA project in PM440  
    1. What Was Built
    2. Decisions
  3. Testing 
    1. General Testing Information
    2. Testers' Demographic Summary  
    3. Testing Results
  4. Recommendations
  5. User Documentation



Beta Site

  • A "home" group was created, and three themes became subgroups. Each subgroup had multiple files associated with it.
  • Ensure that folder names and functionality are consistent with survey question terminology (e.g. Image Gallery instead of a "Photos folder"). This was an issue with the alpha survey results because the survey terms did not fit Wiggio terminology.
  • The Wiggio User Guide was uploaded and made part of the feed.
  • The How-To tab should be reviewed and used by the testers if they have questions. 


Alpha Site

  •  A "home" group was created, and three themes became subgroups.
  • No user guide was provided to the testers so that they could test the site in a genuine manner. However, testers' questions were answered during the testing phase on the site's feed when deemed necessary. 


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