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Product Overview

Huddle is a web communication tool which enables you to deliver media presentations in both real time along with on-demand recordings. This tool allows you to schedule along with holding virtual event with just a few up to hundreds of people at a fraction of the cost that would be associated in face-to-face meetings.


The benefits of Huddle is that it will enable you change the way presentations have been done in the past with the following tools:


  • Live streaming of audio and video
  • PowerPoint and OpenOffice slide presentations
  • Live Chat
  • Recording and on-demand replay of all events
  • Downloadable replay
  • Attendance tracking
  • Surveys
  • Easy to use self-branded interface
  • Event management with tagging and sorting options


Huddle is structured where it can be divided into multiple sections for the loading presentation tools referred to as “pods”. You decide the pods that will be loaded along with the number that will be loaded and can be viewed. Another feature is that you are able to interchange slides video, chat and other pod positions. During the event you can move your pods around by dragging them to different locations.


Huddle is divided into multiple sections referred to as "pods". Each pod is a different presentation tool. You can decide which pods will be loaded and viewed.  Another feature is that you are able to interchange slides video, chat and other pod positions. During the event you can move your pods around by dragging them to different locations.


Huddle has Adobe Flash built into it making this a powerful, versatile and user friendly. The Flash runs on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) as this is installed on over 98%

of today’s computers. This means that no additional software has to be installed and all participants will just click on the link to view.


As a business tool Huddle is most valuable in that their webinars are perfect for training, marketing and more. Huddle invites you to discover this new experience by contacting them for pricing and features.


Huddle offers many features:


Unlimited Lite Users:


They offer unlimited lite users as a part of their Unlimited Enterprise plan at no additional cost. They are able to view or download files and can comment on documents, files whiteboards and discussions and they can have free mobile application to access Huddle for the following; iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.


File Sharing & Management:


There is online file storage, folder structure, sorting, search, media viewer, file viewer & editor, multiple file uploads, notifications, approvals, full audit trail, document versioning and office integration.




Revelent content whenever needed, secure content management across the enterprise, transparency and records management.




Real-Time Collaboration for meetings, phone conferencing and web conferencing.


Task Management:


Tasks & files assign & filter tasks and auto reminders and iCal integration.


Uptime & Security:


True Uptime, permissions, Single signon/LDAP, Feature control, Control invitations, Control external access and Application security.


Customization and Branding:


Site branding and Advance customization.


People Management:


User profile,Teams and Activity.




Basic Customization Instructions, Reply by email, Discussions, Comments, Whiteboards and Whiteboard version history.




Knowledgebase, Video tutorials, Ticketing system, Twitter support, Account management, Community support and Huddle Adoption Guarantee.


Let me go into more detail on the last item, Huddle Adoption Guarantee, as this means 100% adoption across the enterprise in 90 days or your money back. Huddle states that User adoption is key to positive ROI. A major concern when deploying any new enterprise application is user adoption. Huddle claims to have the highest adoption rates in the industry, with up to three times higher than SharePoint.


This guarantee is an industry first as they are so confident with the successful take-up of Huddle within your user community. This is also backed-up by their grarantee that within 90 days that 100% of the initial user groups will be trained and using Huddle actively or they will refund the full three months subscription value. Now, how does Huddle ensure high user adoption? By Best Experience, Integration, Future-Proof and Engagement.


Huddle has Enterprise Level Security and Reliability that is trusted by some of the biggest business in the world. There are multiple levels of security; Physical security as their data center is ISO 27001 accredited. Their servers are located in secure facilities, operated by Rackspace along with restricted access and 24/7 monitoring. Their Network security has the servers hosted behind sophisticated firewalls that also have a protected perimeter. They carry out penetration testing on an ongoing basis and also done by third parties. There is also Application security where access to workspaces and files is restricted. Huddle’s security is trusted by KIA, htc, AKQA, FUJITSU, ELSEVIER and PRICEWTERHOUSECOOPER (PWC).

So what is Huddle? It is Collaboration in the cloud that allows; File Sharing with your colleagues and partners. Project management, enables you to collaborate and assign tasks to get the work done efficiently and effectively. People with the user profiles this allows you to connect with the specific people that are needed to contribute to the project. Other features are: Administrative control and security, Cross-organization collaboration, Collaborate across firewalls< Mobile devices and Integration and extension.


Why choose Huddle?


It is Comprehensive as all the tools are in one place and easily integrated. The Guaranteed Adoption for Roll-out and consultancy and Huddle Adoption Guarantee. Support being Customer engagement and Training. Security, 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer  and Service Level Agreement. Control with Content and Backup. You can Customize Huddle as you can have it your way.





Product Comparison


Huddle is a very different than any other collaboration website.  As soon as the user logs onto the site, there is a very large calendar. It depicts the events occurring in the current week as well as the upcoming week.  Another interesting feature is that users are able to see notifications right away and clearly allowing less confusion in-group projects when the individuals are trying to work together. Huddle appears to be lacking the competitive advantage on several fronts. The first impression of the layout page is dismal at best. The main drawback with the Huddle site was the initial account registration and activation process. Registration took several steps and did not offer direct access. Rather, you had to sign up and it provides various contact information, wait to receive a confirmation email, and then log back in from the link provided.


One specific feature offered by Huddle, and not by any others is audit tracing of documents and files.  Tracing identifies all users who accessed or changed files, folders, etc. throughout the site, which is very important when multiple users have access to shared files. Also, found in Huddle was the desirable permission functionality of a document or file owner to set permissions on documents and files (specific permission of additional user access as well as their access level).   


Huddle.com also offered some good features including 100 MB of free storage, ease of uploading files and the ability to work with multiple files at one time. The 100 MB is easy to fill and then you must pay for additional space.  A user can upload up to 50 files at one time and files upload in a matter of seconds.  The uploaded files can also be sent to people who do not have an account, so the files are not exclusive to the site. The Huddle format provided seamless uploading and downloading capabilities allowing file migration from one workspace to another easily as well as the online creation of Word and Excel files. The ability to perform a search for other Huddle account users was not available and you had to know a person’s email address prior to being able to connect with them; creating unnecessary communication delays.  Also, there was no place to make public posts unless using the whiteboard or discussion pages and these were only viewable to those that you give access to the workspace.  




Survey Analysis


A survey was conducted by students from Western Illinois University to test whether Huddle was a viable product for the ICA conference in Nepal. The students received a questionnaire asking them a series of question about their respective product that they were supposed to test. Based off the responses, there are a few changes that need to be made to Huddle to make the product for functional for the ICA Conference.


The questions were phrased on a scale of 1 to 5 or easy to difficult. The question topics range from uploading and blogging to overall website overview.  Based on the overall response Huddle was not ranked the highest in the overall survey.


The following issues were raised with Huddle:


  • Log-in issues
  • Website navigation and design
  • Discussion Board creation and uploading
  • Collaborative Authoring
  • Video uploading and downloading
  • File sharing and downloading/ uploading
  •  Video sharing
  • Uploading images
  • Photo gallery navigation
  • Accessing areas of interest
  • Document repository


Logging into Huddle requires you to have an account. To create an account you need an email. Overall, our testers were able to create an account.  The thing that they did not like was the fact that after you registered, you need to check your email for confirmation. This is a secure website that is used to exchange encrypted files; therefore it requires all to go through this process. I do not think that Huddle would change its log in procedures for this reason alone.


One of the bigger problems it seemed was website navigation. When testers enter the website they were confused as to what was going on. After tinkering on the website the tester were able to maneuver it a little bit better. When testers looked for something in particular they were not able to find it. The thing that most testers did not realize is that there is your dashboard when you log in and then you need to switch views to see your workspace or the ICA workspace. If we provide the testers with a series of instructions it would have helped with the navigation. The tutorial that is offered with the website is not very informative. 


Website design was brought to our attention by the testers. Testers stated that they like that there is a calendar and that there is a log of what is happening on all workspaces. They also mentioned that there is too much going on the first page, which is overwhelming.  Testers mentioned that the colors of the website seem very corporate. There is a way to change the colors of the website and even have your own logo instead of the Huddle logo, but this option is not offered in the trail version. 


Instead of having a blog, Huddle has discussion boards instead. Our testers thought that the boards looked professional, and they were able to use them fairly well. However, they had a hard time distinguishing between posts and comments by others and were overall unimpressed with the boards. 


Collaborative authoring was liked by our testers. They like the fact that they could make a document in Huddle and everyone could edit it and it showed who edited last. They also liked that they could make certain documents privileged to certain people and make other documents public.


The layout of the page seems a bit outdated.  When navigating through the Huddle site, there were complaints of the security windows pop ups for Java, which is inefficient.  In regards to uploading files or documents, there was a degree of difficulty when attempting to post files such as PowerPoint presentations, videos, or photos.  On the flipside, there was also some level of difficulty when attempting to download items such as images or photos. 


The overall aesthetics of the site could also use some work.  This seemed to be a major concern for the majority of the testers, in addition to navigation of the website.  The quality of the overall design is lacking.  The menus were not apparent or clear.  In fact, in order to navigate to perform a change or edit, the tester had to scroll through several screens in order to achieve these what would typically be simple tasks.  Lastly, the instructions to perform these tasks were not very straight forward.  More than half of the testers complained about the site’s instructional format not being helpful.


Our testers all tested on similar platforms and ranged from being technologically savvy to novice computer users. However, despite their differences, they were fairly consistent in their responses, unanimously saying that the application was not very professional and there are certainly more superior products in the market today. 





User survey results scored Huddle as complicated with unclear terminology that was hard to follow, which made navigation rather difficult. The bare bone design was not visually appealing and not user friendly. Users also described Huddle’s performance as inconsistent.


User feedback for Huddle included the following statements:

“This seems obsolete and inefficient”

“Not really a site for uploading and sharing images”

“No ability to attach a file to a blog discussion”

“Too many steps to post and reply to discussions”

“Just hard to use and very confusing”

“Difficult to navigate and you have to pay for it”

“Have to click through 8 pages just to view/change something”


The technology skills and equipment available to conference participants will cover a broad spectrum; from state-of-the-art equipment and high-speed technology, to participants in remote areas of the globe with irregular, dial-up internet access. In testing Huddle as a possible tool for the 2012 ICA Global Conference, experienced technology users with access to hi-speed internet had poor experience and difficulty navigating and getting around the site. This indicates that for international, cross-cultural users (some with very limited technical experience and access options); trying to use this tool to access conference materials would be a frustrating experience and even impossible for some.


ICA needs to ensure that the right tool is in place to accommodate all conference participants; a stable, reliable tool that will deliver optimal user experience for its members and guests. Although Huddle provides a multi-functional platform that includes live chat, streaming videos, PowerPoint presentations and surveys; the overall average score given by the users surveyed is 3.39 (Low). ICA cannot take the risk of implementing a tool with complicated navigation and inconsistent performance. Huddle is therefore not a good fit for the October 2012 conference. ICA must seek an alternate collaborative platform that is reliable, user friendly, easy to access, and delivers consistent performance and better overall user experience.








Congratulations, today you will be testing Huddle. Please follow the instructions to complete the survey. Remember your feedback is appreciated, so please answer all questions honestly and as clearly as possible.  Please answer in a different color than black. 

You should have received an invite in your email asking you to join the Huddle website. If you have not please email your professor as soon as possible, otherwise you cannot complete the survey.

Please click on the link that you received from Huddle.com

Register yourself as a new user. Log in on www.huddle.com

1) How difficult was it to log in? (1=Easy, 5= Difficult)

Please select to use Group 2 workspace. 

2) How difficult was it to select the group 2 workspace?

     a.Any other comments?

Uploading/ Blogging/ Video


Please click on Task Tab. There is a list of 5 tasks. Please complete all of them.
Task 1
Upload a word document named “test” to the education theme folder.

3)How difficult was it to find where the folder was? (1=Easy, 5= Difficult)

4)How difficult was it to upload the document? (1=Easy, 5= Difficult)

     a.Any Comments?
Task 2
Find the Peace theme meeting.

5) What is the date of the meeting?

6) What time was the meeting scheduled for?

7) Did you find it difficult to the meeting? (1=Easy, 5= Difficult)

     a. Any comments?

Task 3
Schedule a meeting from a week from today for 2PM to 3PM and share it with Group 2.

8) How difficult is to schedule a meeting?(1=Easy, 5= Difficult)

9) How difficult is to share with group 2? (1=Easy, 5= Difficult)

     a. Any Comments?

Task 4
Please write a response on the discussion board in the education theme.

10) Can you navigate your self into discussions bar?



11) Do you know how to post on the discussions board?



12) Does the discussions section look professional?



13) How difficult was it for you to post comments on a scale of 1-5? (1=Easy, 5= Difficult)

14) Does the site offer collaborative authoring such as wiki/discussion board/blog?





     a. Any Comments? 


Task 5 


Select the video named "Test" and then upload a video to the peace theme.  


15) How difficult was it to find the video on scale of 1-5? (1=Easy, 5= Difficult)


16) How would you rank the quality of the video on a scale of 1-5? (1=Excellent, 5=Poor)


17) How difficult was it to upload a video on a scale of 1-5? (1=Easy, 5= Difficult)


     a.Any Comments?  




Male_____    Female______

Undergraduate Year_____ (1-4)

Age ______


Computer Skill Level




Additional Questions
18) Have you ever used huddle before?




19) If you have answered the previous question, how many times have you used it?



20) What did you use Huddle for?



     Other: Please List


21) What Operating System are you using?


     Windows Vista
     Windows XP
     Mac OS 10.6
     Mac OS 10.7
     Other - Please list


22) What browser are you using?

     Internet Explorer 9
     Mozilla Firefox
     Google Chrome
     Other: Please List 

23) Are you using wireless or Ethernet connection?

24) What is your internet speed?
     33.6 or less
     Don't know
     Other - Please list:


25) Which mobile device did you use to connect to Huddle?
     I did not use mobile device
     Apple iPhone
     Apple iPad
     Android Smartphone
     Other - Please list:









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