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Skype meeting February 2, 9am CST

Page history last edited by Doug Druckenmiller 8 years, 8 months ago

[9:08:21 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: Need to break up the lists and gestalt them
[9:08:45 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: Probably we need to spend time on unresolved questions - probably from Nepal
[9:27:56 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Plenary - one to many streamed
Theme workshops are not well captured by video.
Video can be steamed online but not likely live.
Model might be Ted talks.  stream asynchronous
[9:28:08 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: followup conversavtions and presentations
[9:30:11 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Theme sessions?
Virtual design patterns for themes.
[9:30:43 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Present several options or interview the themes for what they want to do.
[9:31:47 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Conference theme activity will be developed by themes during the pre-conference work
[9:32:38 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Themes are forming and will have a higher level of input than before
[9:33:34 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: For virtual conference support is it a requirement that the vritual process is emergent?  or can it be templated ahead.  Here's what available if you choose
[9:35:23 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Emergent process then preplanning process that works with the theme leaders on Oct. 27th and then engineer's a process.  There will be a need for technology facilitators
[9:37:06 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: Finding the technical people resources for the 6 themes
[9:38:42 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: Identify and make time commitment
[9:39:15 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: capacity building exercise for the teams
[9:40:29 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: Forget the conference for a bit and focus on the pre-conference
[9:41:48 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: Tech coordinator for each theme
[9:41:58 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: Yah Yah Sisters
[9:45:43 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Train themes to do video clips for presentations
[9:46:21 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: This can be supported without too much complexity
[9:47:07 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: Video editor
[9:47:31 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Role of video editor, scribe for publishing conference data
[9:48:15 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: production values for key notes (ted talks)
[9:48:51 AM] Lawrence Philbrook: reports with video slideshows etc so it is packaged in chunks
[9:48:54 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Themes are participant generated
Plenary has a higher production value
[9:52:39 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Youth conference is a 7th theme.  Operates like any other theme.
[9:53:01 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Reporting guidlines
[9:53:20 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Evening social components - virtualized
[9:53:38 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Page to share those events
[9:54:03 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Not a formal structure to involve people
[9:54:22 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Off-site events are theme related
[10:07:28 AM] Douglas Druckenmiller: Technically what we need and what the technology sisters need.
[10:17:45 AM] *** Call ended, duration 1:14:46 ***
Lawrence Philbrook

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