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ICAI Draft PrePost-Conference Requirements

Page history last edited by Doug Druckenmiller 9 years ago

Pre/Post-conference requirements.

Since the post and pre conference requirements are basically the same, it makes sense to combine them here.  There is a bias toward asynchronous communication here, but a strong alternative is to organize things into partially distributed teams based on proximate time zones.  In the past for example ICAI has organized by North/South hemispheres. 

This gives 3 synchronous zones encompassing roughly 6 world time zones each:

  1. North America, Central America, and South America
  2. Europe, Middle East and Africa, Russia
  3. Central Asia, Sub-continent (India), South-East Asia, China and Australia

This makes synchronous collaboration a little easier and increases the likely hood that VoIP is a definite requirement for pre-conference activities.


The following organization and content is a merge of the team analysis done by the 8 teams.



Online community support

  • ICA conference organizers support

    • Have an open public online collaboration site dedicated to storing and publishing conference documentation that can be accessed by conference attendees and prospects
      • Reachable by link from the main conference website 
      • Conference pre-site is public and needs no authentication to access.
      • General conference information should be made available, and have separated sections for each of the six conference themes.
    • Ability to post conference updates via relevant social networks.
    • Conference theme chairs and organizing committee have the ability to create, read, update, delete for all functions of the site.
    • Administrators must be able to update the site with conference-related materials for public parts of the site.
    • Theme organizers must be able to easily maintain unique, theme-specific project sites. 
    • Conference organizers have same collaborative capabilities as the themes 
  • Establish ongoing global collaborative community

    • Separate communities for each of the seven themes will be available {Youth Conference included as a theme}
      • Users can choose which community to belong to for "advanced features" (document co-creation function, content contribution, web conferencing)
      • Users can choose to follow other themes and participate in discussion forums
      • include an e-mail/mailbox and a comment field for feedback

      • Include a contact list of speakers and key ICA representatives  

      • Must support both site and theme level notifications to alert participants of important updates.  Notification options should be email or RSS. 

      • Theme Chairs support

        • Theme chairs will have the ultimate responsibility for controlling the theme content and membership
        • Theme chairs will need a capability to encourage all comments and suggestions of a collaborative and constructive nature. (super like?)
        • Documentation (external artifacts) added/uploaded to the site must be approved by the theme chair/proctor before being publishing to live site.  
        • Theme chairs will be encouraged to utilize social media such as Twitter/Facebook etc to publicize and discuss their respective topics.   Hooks and support for this social media must be built into the platform.
    • Web conferencing for small groups

      • 20 max for voip
      • 10 max for video
      • Persistent group chat or notes capability
      • Integrated document co-creation and desktop sharing
    • Document co-creation tool: 

      • Participants can view, create and edit best practices documents
      • Simultaneous editing of documents with a revision history and auditing.
      • Participants can view and create initiative examples  
        • Blog postings with general comment capability
        • Video links
        • Initiative documents
        • Photos 
      • The solutions shall allow for
      • Theme leaders shall have the ability to edit comments posting.
    • Calendar of events

      • Details on conference activities  
      • Theme chairs will have create, edit and delete rights
      • calendar covers  pre/live/post activities
      • task assignment with due dates capability
      • Event scheduling and RSVP 
    • Forum Discussion board for idea sharing for both physical and virtual attendees – i.e. face-to-face and virtual as part of the  development of the "spirit" of the conference. 

      • Provide an informal discussion forum where visitors can ask questions, introduce themselves, and post general information about the conference.   
      • Ability for participants and public to start conversations and comment posting
      • Online forum to pull together and share approaches 

      • Must be easily usable by all participants, with minimal training. 
      • Will be used for post-conference discussion between presenters and participants (on-site and remote).

    • Social Media

      •  linking, posting such as  "Share This" or "Like" or "+1" button(s)

      • Ability to comment on photos and videos 
      • Solution shall be flexible and dynamic to allow for ICA coordinators to tie to other social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. 
  • Document repository

    • Allowing members to share crucial documentation, but also start marketing and spreading the word to the public and encourage early participation.  This will aid in building a community that is focused on a specific action, help gather information that can be used during the conference and attract more public involvement. 
    • Each theme having both public/shared and private file repositories
    • Cloud-based central repository. 
    • Document upload/management/revision tracking. 
    • Support for multiple file formats, including text-based documents and videos. 
    • Potential content:
      • New organizations being able to upload and share photos and stories about their achievements, resolution ideas and current actions
      •  related papers, publications and past articles
      • Member agendas, plans and presentation outlines
      • Bios of speakers, 
      • Attendees will be able to submit papers and presentations
      • Planning and discussion documents 
    • Audio/Video recording and document repository of Pre-Conference meetings, trainings and workshop 

      • Offer virtual support and solutions that not only allow virtual participants to take part in the activities, but also to help members and speakers communicate, contribute to the knowledge transfer and plan for the main event.
      • Audio/Video conference recording of meetings 
      • Videos of pre-conf activites
      • Videos of interviews 
      • Virtual Member meetings
      • Ability to post attendee videos (Moderated here, don't want 50 videos of same event.)
      • Conference presentations of the Keynote speakers


User Requirements

  • Conference participant profiles

    • ICA will have to validate the users  
    • Users can create and edit profiles, select level of privacy 
    • All users will be able to access all themes
    • Users will be able to choose to follow a theme
    • Users can subscribe to a theme to receive notifications when new activity (discussion postings etc.) occurs
  • Administrators will be able to edit conference information

    • ICA staff member(s) will have system administration control and;
    • Have secured administration rights to control who has access to each theme and ICA virtual conference. 
  • Theme leaders will have theme-specific administrative control

    • Page features/layout
    • Content administration
    • Ability to remove inappropriate posts/comments
  • Training support

    • For facilitators
      • Offer technical training for all involved as to not interfere with the conference, time-loss and assure an efficient and professional virtual presence.
      • Administrators and organizers
      • Speakers or/and other users
      • Create User Guides for starting new chats, posting on-line, adding comments and more
      • Require ICA IT/media members and key partners to attend event training prior to conference
      • Orientation of theme leaders to the technology platform and what’s possible to be scheduled several times between February and October 2012
      • Hands-on workshop onsite in Nepal during the 2-day pre-conference (October 27 - 28, 2012) to test technologies
    • For presenters. 

      • Solution should be available as soon as possible to better maximize the time presenters spend preparing.  

      • Use of conference presentation tools (for communication with remote participants). 

      • Use of the collaboration tools.

    • For all participants

      • Use of collaboration tools. 
      • There shall be short concise training material for VCP users on how to use solutions along ICA support contacts.
      • For remote participants. 
      • Use of remote solution to connect to conference.
      • Pre-conference training (number of attendees unknown) 
  • Promotional support 

    • Web portal or similar tool must be available to advertise and recruit for the virtual conference.
    • Web portal must facilitate promotion of conference via social media (e.g.  Allow links to popular social media sites). 
    • Enrollment capabilities.
    • There shall be an online registration process validation - log-in and password to access the conference virtually.
    • Facebook, Twitter and other social media for diffusion of information on the pre-conf activities
    • It will be during pre-conf that the main conf can be advertised, so more social presence!
    • Recruit more participants for the physical conference (thanks to recruitment tools?)
    • Utilize the Internet for advertisement and sponsorship.  Social media should be used to inform participants on going-activities














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Doug Druckenmiller said

at 11:06 am on Feb 6, 2012

Second draft finished: Reorganization and clarification based on Danny's comments.

Doug Druckenmiller said

at 4:09 pm on Feb 2, 2012

First draft is done. Still needs more cleaning now withing categories. Remove duplicates and possibly move items between categories. I've done some of this but more is needed.

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