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Post conference ongoing requirements

Page history last edited by Michael Ogren 8 years, 5 months ago
  • Online Site
    • Document Repository
      • Hosting for  slides, power points, handouts,etc.
    • Clips / Videos
      • Clips / videos of the conference itself
    • Forums
      • Discussions for the forums. 
    • Survey / Polling 
    • Chat Room
      • Conversations about the conference, and further discussion about the themes. 
    • Theme Leader Contributions to forums
      • Ability for the theme leaders to comment on conclusions drawn from discussions
    • Wiki / Blogging 
      • Collaborative authoring ability on the site. 
      • Wiki Book
    • Social Media Integration
      • LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter
    • Lessons Learned
      • Critique what went well, what needs to be improved. 
  • Summary Video of the conference
    • i.e Highlight / commentary reel. 
  • Book
    • Gather material from the conference and publish a book. 
  • Newsletter    
    • Information on other activities, events and news about the organization.

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