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Youth Conference requirements

Page history last edited by Kevin Hartleben 8 years, 5 months ago

Overview and General Statements


  • Youth Conference will take place over two days, October 27 - 28, 2012. 
  • One major focus of the Youth Conference will be to provide a platform for Youth participants to express themselves.
  • Youth participants will be physically and/or virtually present.
  • A parallel to the main conference's Keynote speeches does not exist.
    • This means there will be no video streaming requirement
  • No defined Theme organizational structure. Participants will all participate together.
    • Any breakout sessions will be organic to the conference, not pre-determined by Theme. 
  • Youth Conference site should be integrated with the main conference site.
  • Larger emphasis on Social Media tools. Youth Conference social tools are independent (but linked) to main ICA conference tools.
    • Facebook page
    • Twitter account
    • Blogs
    • Interactive and educational games
  • Emphasis on collaboration learning and networking
    • provide options on what Youths can do in order to help drive the ICA message
  • Youth Conference artifacts and outcomes are shared with main ICA Conference
    • Via presentation at the main Conference
    • Available on Conference site
  • Video element of Youth Conference is not streaming video (a la Keynote), but more short interactive clips of youths participating within the conference. 
    • System must support virtual questions posted from Youths to main Conference Keynote speakers. (For example, a 15 year old virtual participant will be able to ask a question over video to main ICA Keynote speakers...this needs additional definition






  • What defines a "Youth"? 
    • Age? (per Danny, College age)
    • Interested in Youth issues?
  • How will the Youth Conference and main Conference coexist? Will there be direct integration between attendees?
  • Youth Conference payment does not mention Youth Virtual Conference.... are we to assume all Youth attendees will be present on-site?
  • What overlap will exist between the topics in both conferences? What is the probablility a Youth Conference attendee will be able to engage in an educated discussion with a main conference attendee?


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