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Survey Responses

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1. Please provide your name and e-mail address so that we may reference your survey responses in our presentation. However, if you would prefer your answers to remain anonymous, this information is not required. Thank you for your consideration as this will help us a great deal!
Email Address: 
2. What industry are you in?
Informational Technology
3. How many total employees are in your company (all branches)?
4. Do you collaborate in a virtual team environment with members located in a different U.S. office than yourself?
5. Do you collaborate in a virtual team environment with members located in an office(s) outside of the U.S.?
India, UK, Singapore
6. What collaborative tool(s) do you use to communicate when you meet as a virtual team? Check all that apply.
Adobe Acrobat Connect
Phone calls or Conference Calls
Microsoft Sharepoint
Video conferencing (using Polycom) with our Indianopolis & other US offices
7. How satisfied are you with collaborating as a virtual team?
Very satisfied
8. Can you describe a situation where you had a POSITIVE experience working with people outside of the U.S.? Why or what made it successful or positive for you, the team, or project?
In my experience, having a person-to-person interaction is always productive for complex international projects, both technically as well as people wise. Since everybody can’t be available physically at the same time in the same geography due to time and distance constraints, these marvels of technology provide us with the opportunity to talk to each other, see each other and share documents & applications with each other as if being in the same time and space. Thus saving a lot of time, cost and effort. In this age where international collaboration on a project may just mean an email or a phone call, tools like webex, video conferencing etc. take it a step further by allowing us to share our workspace in a more interactive manner. Complex problems can be understood and solved easily in a short time, people interact with each other more freely here than on an email and can discuss and appreciate each other’s situation and thus understand each other well, this also promotes a sense of camaraderie in teams as there is ‘human touch’ involved. This helps boosting confidence and morale of the team members and generates interest for meetings since people are always curious about each other’s cultures and way of life. Since most of us cannot travel abroad, this gives the teams an opportunity to interact and collaborate with people in various parts of the world. We have successfully executed many tasks using these tools like trainings, walkthroughs and brainstorming sessions.
9. Can you describe a situation where you had a NEGATIVE experience working with people outside of the U.S.? Why or what made it unconstructive or negative for you, the team, or project?
I don’t recall any negative situation as such, however in some cases language or pronunciation of a person from a particular country may be a slight issue or defective equipment (microphone or a speaker) maybe. Otherwise these interactions have always been very productive and positive.


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