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Intro Managing Virtual Teams Over TIme and Space

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Welcome to Managing Virtual Teams over Time and Space project team. We believe the world has changed and globalization is a part of today’s business climate.  Due to the highly competitive nature of business and the constant goal to increase profits and reduce costs, corporations are finding it necessary to implement virtual teams to access talent around the globe. Industries such as Information Technology, Banking and Manufacturing are relying daily on projects teams to meet their business objectives.  What are decision-makers to do when valued members of their virtual project team are located thousands of miles away?  Does this affect the outcome of their projects?  How does this affect the morale of teams who are forced to juggle local timelines and cultural differences but still meet their objectives?  What tools are used to successfully manage these unique virtual teams? Today’s project managers face unique challenges when necessary resources are around the globe.  This makes the choice of collaboration tools truly detrimental to the successful virtual team. 


No matter the type of industry you work in, business, IT, Academic, anyone who needs to collaborate with non co-located people can appreciate how global virtual teams can provide tangible and intangible benefits.


We believe that users can expect to learn the unique challenges today’s corporations face when teams are spread across international borders.  Our research and findings will both document and demonstrate some of the obstacles teams face when members of those teams are located in different countries and cultures.  We will take you through a several activities to help you understand and practice effective collaboration with everyone on your international virtual team.  We will provide examples of challenges management teams of international virtual teams face, how to overcame those challenges and effective collaboration tools.


First, let’s start with a team building activity which will help us discover and discuss our values individually and as a team.


*Start activity 1


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