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In conclusion, now that the workforce is increasingly becoming more dispersed either geographically or as a result of flexible shifts, it’s important to consider virtual environments and how they impact our world. Traditionally participants in a face-to-face meeting have a distinct advantage over participants in virtual meetings, but it’s time to move away from that mindset and explore all the benefits of virtual meeting. We have to develop relationships that foster trust and sensitivity to personal differences (work style, language barriers, etc), and know that being in the same physical space does not mean as much as it once did. Furthermore, we must make sure we are effectively communicating as well as following a communication plan. And, last but not least, our team managers have to embrace new ways to handle teams, as teams are now virtual, more than ever before.


In this ever changing world, we need to embrace new ways of meeting or be left behind. With these keys to success on hand, this is a great start to effective virtual collaboration. 30 years ago, no one thought we would be making acquaintance on a computer with old friends we haven’t seen or talked to in 20 years, but with the invention of Facebook, it is being done on a daily basis.


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