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Virtual Software Development Project Handout

Page history last edited by Bryan Oropeza 9 years, 3 months ago

We represent Times R Us and we wish to expand our operations into the online marketplace by creating an e-commerce website that allows our customers to purchase our products online.  We are developing the software in-house and we would like some of your feedback on the tools we are planning to use.  The tools listed below represent three keys phases in the Software Development Life Cycle.  After we complete the activities listed below, we will reserve a few minutes to gather feedback on the tools.


Please gather in your established team project groups.  Online students are encouraged to participate in real time by logging into the web based tools below and communicate to their team via chat using Zoho, Dabbleboard or Wimba.  


If desired, teams with less than two in class or online members may form new teams or join an existing team.


The activity process will be consist of a brief overview of a select tool followed by a ten minute session to complete the tasks outlined below.  The process will have a total of three iterations to cover our selected Software Development (SD) tools.


Bryan and Brad will be available to answer questions and provide guidance using the SD tools. 



     1. Become familiar with several web based collaborative SD tools

     2. Learn three key phases of the Software Development Life Cycle

     3. Improve virtual collaboration skills

     4. Provide feedback on the SD tools

     5. Have fun


1) Project Management using Zoho
     a. Located at: www.zoho.com


     Example: https://projects.zoho.com/portal/depaulpm440/

        username/password: Murad440/pm440 


     *** Team Accounts: username/password ***

     (Note: In Class Students should log in using these credentials,

     Online students were sent invitations via email)


     Best Practices Team: bluedemon2k7@gmail.com/depaul

     Multicultural Team:  bluedemon2k8@gmail.com/depaul

     Motivation Team: bluedemon2k9@gmail.com/depaul

     Tech4ks Team: hdversion@gmail.com/depaul

     Tool Selection Team: hdseller@gmail.com/depaul


     b. Activity: Define, schedule, and assign resources for the tasks, sub-tasks,

         system components and/or deliverables for the Times R Us e-commerce website.



          Step 1. Go to www.zoho.com and from the top right of the page, click the blue SIGN IN button then

          complete login using the applicable credentials for your team

          Step 2: Upon Login Click Collaborative Apps > Projects > and then click Active Project

          Step 3. Click Tasks and Milestones then Create several Project Tasks

          Step 4: Click Milestones then create several Milestones

          Step 5: Click Dependency then Add Dependency for a Project Task you created in Step 3

          Step 6. Click Gantt View for the Gantt Chart

          Step 7: Click Wiki then Create New Page (label it "Feedback") - Use this wiki to document feedback

          for all the SD Tools (please provide at least one comment for each tool)



2) Requirements Development using Mixed Ink

       a. Located at: http://www.mixedink.com/


       Example: http://www.mixedink.com/#/Depaul440/Requirements

       username/password: bjo/depaul


      *** Team Accounts: username/password/URL ***

     (Note: In Class Students should log in using these credentials,

     Online students were sent invitations via email)


     Best Practices Team: bestprac1/depaul: http://www.mixedink.com/#/IS440BestPracticesTeam/Timesrus1

     Multicultural Team: multicult1/depaul: http://www.mixedink.com/#/IS440MulticulturalTeam/Timesrus2

     Motivation Team: motivation1/depaul: http://www.mixedink.com/#/IS440MotivationTeam/Timesrus3

     Tech4ks Team: tech4ks/depaul: http://www.mixedink.com/#/IS440Tech4KSTeam/Timesrus4

     Tool Selection Team: toolselection1/depaul: http://www.mixedink.com/#/IS440ToolSelectionTeam/Timesrus5


     b. Activity:



         Step 1: To access the tool, Click the link above 

         Step 2: In the top right, click "Sign Up", and enter the required information

         Step 3: An email will be sent to your email address which will allow you to complete the registration process

         Step 4: Clicking the link in the email should complete the verification process. 

                     Ignore any prompt to purchase additional functionality.

         Step 5: From above, click or cut and paste the applicable URL for your team into your browser

         Step 6: In the Write section, enter a requirement that you believe our online e-commerce website should have

         Step 7: After everyone has submitted a requirement, view the other students requirements

                    and make comments or provide a rating

         Step 8: While using the tool, document Feedback in the Zoho Wiki page you created during Activity 1



3) High-Level Design using Dabbleboard

     a. Located at: http://www.dabbleboard.com/


     Example: http://dabbleboard.com/draw?b=bryanj&i=0&c=f5706445c813e503a585850fa518b20d5d3f0c06


     *** Team Accounts: username/password ***

     (Note: In Class Students should log in using these credentials)


     Best Practices Team: bestprac1/depaul

     Multicultural Team: multicult1/depaul

     Motivation Team: motivation1/depaul

     Tech4ks Team: tech4ks/depaul

     Tool Selection Team: toolselection1/depaul


     b. Activity: Brainstorm then draw one or more web pages or features you believe Times R Us

                      should implement on their e-commerce website. 



          Step 1: Click here https://www.dabbleboard.com/account/login then log in

                      using the applicable account for your team listed above

          Step 2: If needed, invite other teams members by clicking Share+Chat in the toolbar.  

                      After the window Share and Chat window opens, click Invite Others,

                      enter the email address for your team members one at a time then click Email.

                      Click Close once complete. 

          Step 3: Document your brainstorming by clicking virtually anywhere within the whiteboard and simply begin typing. 

          Step 4: On the same page, begin drawing or from the top middle section of the whiteboard,

                     click Add page to begin drawing on a separate page

          Step 5: While using the tool, document Feedback in the Zoho Wiki page you created during Activity 1



          1. Chat with your team members via the Share and Chat window

          2. Save your work in the cloud by clicking the disk shaped Save online icon at the top left of the whiteboard

          3. Save your work locally by clicking the Download to computer icon at the top left of the whiteboard

          4. See the link above or mouse over the Drawings link (reveals Shared, Examples, Toolkits) within the tool to

          view examples and allow re-use of shared drawing components


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