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Mind Mapping and Group Modeling Tool Evaluation Presentation

Page history last edited by Jennifer Adam 9 years, 7 months ago

Mind Mapping


Tools MindMeister Mindomo
Category Mind Mapping Mind Mapping
Product Description MindMeister is the market leading and multiple award-winning web-based collaboration solution that uses proven mind mapping concepts to facilitate multi-user planning, brainstorming, and project management sessions all from within a standard web browser. Collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming software. "Mindomo is the [mind mapping tool] you can use easily, focusing on your work instead of focusing on the tool. Mindomo respects your time, with a carefully selected feature set, platform flexibility, quick setup, and a short learning curve." Brainstorm, project management, education
Additional Features Search, add file attachments, integrated live chat, friends lists, reports & usage statistics Organize and categorize maps; preview; search; Premium version supports attachments & spell checker; Friends/Resource list
Pricing Basic - free; Premium - $59/yr; Business - $9/user/month (free 30 day trial); Academic - $18/yr; Enterprise (on request) Basic - free; Premium - $6/mo; Team - $9/mo/user
Tool/User Support Policies Support forum, ability to submit requests for support online, existing request tracking, FAQs Forum
Security Features 256 bit SSL data encryption, Tier III certified (secure) data center hosting, user-controlled security & privacy, firewall security only paid versions offer password protection and secure (https) connection
Ease of Deployment  "easy to deploy"; no need for local installation or upgrades, zero maintenance or compatibility issues online version doesn't require installation
Contractor or Partner Support  Integration & Innovation Partnerships & Resellers/Solution providers N/A
User Experience  No training required "intuitive and easy to use"; UI toolbar mimics MS Word
Vendor's strategy & Market Penetration Targeting businesses, educators and individuals Launched in 2007; "thousands of people are using"
Backup /  Retention Policies  Daily, weekly, & bi-weekly backup rotations at multiple locations No info found
Vendor Failure Policies 99.9% up-time No info found
Open Source Yes No
Open Architecture  REST-based API No
Strength of user community  ? Lots of posts, lots of views (of posts), very few responses
Platform Web, Mobile & Offline (premium feature via Google Gears); offline for Google Chrome and Safari only Online (requires Flash 10); Windows, OS X or Linux; Offline work may be done using Mindomo Desktop (requires Adobe Air)
Synchronicity "faster updates in collaboration mode" Synchronization will automatically merge user's changes with other user's changes; (is this executed on command? Are there notifications?) Very little information available on public website
Real time collaboration Yes (is there a limit to the number of users at once?) unknown
Identifiability / User Roles / Traceability Full audit trail; version control unknown
Integration with other Productivity Tools n/a Premium version: Export to Mindjet™ MindManager™, Microsoft™ Project and Microsoft™ Excel. Import functionality unknown.
Export to common file types Image/ PDF / RTF Export to TXT, PNG, JPG, GIF; Premium version: Export to Mindjet™ MindManager™, Microsoft™ Project and Microsoft™ Excel, RTF & PDF


Group Modeling


Tools Creately LucidChart
Category Group Modeling Group Modeling
Product Description Creately is a visual collaboration platform used by project teams to communicate more effectively. With Creately's easy to use interface and Shared Projects, everyone on your design, development and business teams can collaborate on software designs, wireframes, business & strategy diagrams easily. Diagramming tool with no learning curve. Drag & drop functionality is intuitive to use. Hundreds of shapes and fonts to suit web development, process modeling, network diagrams, etc. 
Additional Features organize and manage multiple projects with tags, local backup; data driven - changing values will auto update others; "smart" context sensitive toolbars upload images, group chat, multi-page diagrams, Auto-Save, manage multiple projects with tags, invite collaborators via Email list
Pricing public - free; personal - $5/mo or $9/yr; Team: 5= $25/mo or $249/yr (other pricing tiers for teams of 10 or 25); enterprise & education rates on request Free; Personal - $4.95/mo or $39.95/yr; Professional - $9.95/mo or $99.95/yr; Team - from $25/mo or $249/yr
Tool/User Support Policies personalized support via email only; tutorials & videos, customer support site, support forums, FAQs; public (free) accounts support is via community only Tutorials, forums, email support
Security Features Claim: encrypted, secure servers. No further information is provided. There are no guarantees. SSL encryption
Ease of Deployment  No downloads or installs for online version; Offline requires Adobe Air No plug-ins required
Contractor or Partner Support  none identified. Terms & Conditions state that Cinergix uses 3rd party vendors and hosting partners  
User Experience  Creately's guiding principles: "Focus on Ease of Use…Deliver an 'Awesome' Customer Experience"; Several customer testimonials on the creately site "No learning curve"
Vendor's strategy & Market Penetration Launched publicly in Sept. '09 Launched in December 2008; Marketed as the "missing link in online productivity suites"
Backup /  Retention Policies  local backups to user's desktop (*.cdml file format) for pro and team plans only; Site claims: online back-up "constantly". No further information was found. Hourly backup to multiple data centers
Vendor Failure Policies None unknown
Open Source N/A N/A
Open Architecture  N/A N/A
Strength of user community  Poor (only 1 Question viewable at time of writing, but no answers) User community appears moderately active
Platform online (requires Flash); Creately Desktop - Windows, Mac, Linux Online; Windows, Mac, Linux (no Flash required)
Synchronicity Asynchronous collaboration (how long does it take?); email notifications to collaborators when updates are made Instantaneous
Real time collaboration No Yes
Identifiability / User Roles / Traceability Multiple revision support; collaborators' changes saved to new version automatically;  Revision history, traceability
Integration with other Productivity Tools Google Apps, FogBugz Plug-in May be embedded into a wiki or website; automatically updates if changes are made in LucidChart
Export to common file types images (jpg or png), XML (UML?); publish to Creately wiki for sharing PDF, JPG, PNG, Webpage

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The presentation needs a bit of work (formatting). I simply pasted from Excel.

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