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Section 3 and 4 Use Cases, Choosing ECM

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  • Knowledge Worker: These workers need document management, search and collaboration. A content management tool enables knowledge workers to find and manage content and use information as business intelligence.
  • Transactional Knowledge Management: This focuses on areas like financial services and insurance where you can define a process like processing a claim or an application and move it through a defined workflow.
  • Interactive Content Management: This covers web content management and digital asset management.
  • Archiving and Compliance: This involves tracking documents and applying rules throughout the lifecycle of the piece of content for internal purposes and for government compliance.



  • the ability to handle tens if not hundreds of thousands of multimedia objects
  • easy to search so existing objects can be quickly retrieved
  • a version control mechanism, especially for text documents which tend to undergo a lot of revisions
  • reasonably easy to integrate in the current workflow (I’ll take a closer look at this aspect in just a bit)
  • the ability to define workflows with the simplest one of them being the review of an object
  • support for metadata that goes beyond what normal file formats offer
  • allow for batch processing (upload, download, tagging, etc.)
  • preferably based on software people already know, e.g. a browser or file explorer
  • open-source




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