Trust Outline and Chapter


1. Introduction
     a. Define what trust is
     b. Layout what is going to be in the chapter

 2. Components of Trust
     a. Credibility
     b. Security
     c. Dependability

3. Individual Aspect of Trust
     a. Developing Communication Skills
     b. Understanding Complexities of Trust Issues with Individuals:
     c. Developing Communication Skills


4. Team Aspect of Trust Building
    a. Building Trust among Teams
    b. Building and maintaining mutual knowledge

    c. Understanding different cultural traits


5. Managerial Aspect of Trust
     a. Hiring Trustful group members
     b. Creating a Trust Managerial Landscape
     c. Building Trust within a group
     d. Fostering and Maintaining Trust within a group


6. Organizational Aspect of Trust
     a. Understanding Cultural aspects of Organizational Trust
     b. Building and maintaining Trust within the organization


7. Governance and Trust

     a. Definitions
     b. Governance and Trust

     c. Development of Trust
     d. Transparency
     e. Governance
8. Summary 




Chapter 17 Trust in Virtual Teams

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