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Chapter 10 Rewrite

Page history last edited by Jerry 10 years, 4 months ago

Note: The chapter 10 text is in the chapter 10 link, not this link.


1. Enterprise social networking (Primary: Adnan)

1. This section failed in answer what exactly enterprise social networking was, we need to retool it completely

2. Define enterprise social networking with a solid definition

3. Can we find a case study or something to complement this section without overlapping other sections?

4. Expand it beyond just one paragraph

2. Is Social networking beneficial to the enterprise?

1. Moving this to the section "Potential Risks When Using ESN Applications"


3. External-facing social networking applications (Primary: Jerry)

1. Clearly define external-facing social networking applications at the beginning of the section

2. First paragraph needs to be deleted completely because it contains no information

3. Add more examples - one example is the "Team Coco" phenomenon where Conan O'Brien after being forced off TV

4. Expand on Nestle if possible about how this can be a problem if not done carefully

5. Expand on LinkedIn section to include more concrete examples of how it is used

4. Internal-facing social networking applications (Primary: Sunny)

1. Clearly define internal-facing social networking applications at the beginning of the section

2. First paragraph can be deleted as it contains no real information

3. Compare to external-facing apps more clearly

4. Since Sharepoint is a good example of this, have a larger section about it with more concrete examples

1. Sharepoint as content management (lack of tagging)

2. Sharepoint as forms

3. Sharepoint as discussion board

4. Sharepoint as knowledge management

5. Expand the section on Wikis to include sharepoint, Mediawiki


5. Selecting the right tool

1. Needs some editing, but overall OK
2. Needs references and maybe bullets instead of long paragraphs


6. Deployment, User Acceptance and Corp Culture

1. This could be combined into the "Potential Risks When Using ESN Applications" section


7. Potential Risks When Using ESN Applications (Primary: Stanley)

1. This section needs to deal with external-facing and internal-facing problems separately, it currently bunches them all together

2. If there are any issues that affect both external and internal have that separate in this section

3. Section II and VI can be rolled into this section, and maybe we can rename it

8. Future Trends in Enterprise Social Networking (Primary: Peria)

1. This needs to be expanded greatly

2. Unified Communications such as Microsoft Communications Server can be discussed here as they are relatively new



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Comments (1)

terbush@... said

at 5:48 pm on Jul 2, 2010

Good, I like the approach you have taken. Are there any other ESN topics that you think need to be included beyond what I suggested? Perhaps something will come up in your research (I just feel like we're missing something).

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