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Chapt 9 Comment Pg

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Profit Margin
It is obvious that profit margin will be more for virtual teams compared to tradition teams. There is no logistics and travel cost associated with a VP. Considering this measuring parameter Virtual Project Management has huge advantage over TPM.


I think this should be refocused to be cost savings because I don't know many teams that are measured by their profit margin. Except maybe five person companies, but even then that's a stretch. -Jerry


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Christina Martin said

at 9:11 pm on Jun 25, 2010

Chapter 8
Virtual Project Management Tools and Techniques

note--found a mispelled word on first line, second paragraph (atypical). Just a quick thought about managing teams at a distance: What factors are most important in order to effectively manage a team virtually? Does collaboration take priority over choosing the best technology tool to perform collaboration, and does is it still more important to people people-oriented or does the technology in use substitute for this trait, considering communication does not take place on a face-to-face basis.

Personally, I have found it to be much easier to work on a virtual team because people are more relaxed since they cannot pick up on physical clues and body behaviors that
may indicate that they do not agree with the matter at hand. Coming to a concensus is also quicker since most virtual team members can effectively take the time to think their thoughts out and refine them. Having been project manager on a virtual team class project, I found it much more satisfying to manage a virtual team because I could explain myself better through the writing (typing) process and visuals also have a way of making members accept ideas more willingly.



Adnan Siddiqui said

at 9:42 am on Jun 22, 2010

There are different types of fonts used in the document. Fonts on the following pages need to be corrected:
2nd paragraph, line 7 - 15
3rd paragraph, line 3 - 5
On page 198, under "Extranet", the first two lines.
On page 200, under "Online Chat Communication Tools", line 4 - 10
On page 203, first paragraph, 2nd line.
On page 208, under "Extend of Adherence to Quality Policy of the organization"

Adnan Siddiqui said

at 9:42 am on Jun 22, 2010

This is a well written chapter. However, I have the following comments.

Typing Errors:
On page 201, under "Virtual Project Management Software Packages", 3rd paragraph, 1st line,
"Below are the criteria that TopTenREVIEWS used to review project management software:" can be changed to
"Below are the criteria for Top Ten reviews used for projrct management software:"

On page 202, there is a chart, it would be good if we can put it in a table. Similarly the "List of Virtual Project Management Tools", at the bottom of the same page should also be in a table.

On page 204, first paragraph, 2nd last line,
"With more project teams have members that are spread all over the world, the human skills needed to lead a project to success have. Some of the key virtual project maangement skills needed to manage a virtual project are effecive communication, bridging cultural differences, and building trust." The first sentence is incomplete, we can change it to the following:
"More project teams have members that are spread all over the world, the key skills needed for effective virtual project management are communication, bridging cultural differences, and building trust."

On page 205, 3rd line, "even thought ..." needs to be changed to "even though"

On page 205, 2nd paragraph, 1st line, "fifty percent" should be either "50%" or "50 percent".

On page 205, 2nd paragraph, last line, "... as early on as possible." should be "... as early as possible."

From page 209 till the end of the chapter all the headings are underlined whereas the rest of the chapter doesn't have that. We need to follow one pattern throughout the whole book.

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