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Chapt 7 Comment Pg

Page history last edited by terbush@... 9 years, 9 months ago
William Douglas said

The transition to the section starting with "CRACK Criteria" doesn't flow well. I feel that there is a separate heading needed before this section.



Joanne Merkle said

So far, I think this is one of the better written chapters. It contains good descriptions and explanations of concepts. A case study would be a great addition to show how the theories are applied.



depaul@... Jerry Galvin said


This is a well written chapter, however, it is merely a summary of research on the subject. In order to get more interest in the topics, examples of how these procedures are used in real or hypothetical businesses should be used throughout the work. There is also a need for transitions between the sections because they don't seem to flow to one another.



Adnan Siddiqui said

This chapter is well written and contains useful information. The description is good. I have the following comments.
The heading, "Stakeholder groups to invovle in decision making", at the bottom of page 142, should be either "Stakeholder needs to be involved in decision making" or "Involve stakeholders in decision making", since this paragraph talks about individual stakeholder's involvement. In the next heading we already have "Groups of stakeholders to involve in making decisions".
On page 150-151, under "ThinkLets Pattern of Collaboration", last sentence, "A thinkLetis the smallest ..." is missing a space. It should be "A thinkLet is the smallest ...".
The conclusion seems to be a little short for such a detailed chapter. Also the first paragrah is a repeatation of 2nd paragraph (1st page).

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