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I Introduction

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I. What is Enterprise Social Networking?

Enterprise Social Networks are defined as the central nervous system of collective intelligence in the organization ("Harvesting Collective Wisdom Through Enterprise Social Networks" by Len Rosen, CMS Wire). It is regard as the essential platform where managers, employees, and business partners have the ability to communicate, collaborate, and build strong organizations. Since the early 1990's many successful companies have been utilizing database programs or Customer Relationship Management, which have similar characteristics as the current trend of public social networking tools, to help harvest and manage customers data in order to be competitive. For example, CRM or ERP programs were being use to handle the employee's data from hiring to termination. Or some organizations simply use them to communicate with the customers. Those organizations realized that the advantages of being able to gather, manipulate, and share data within their own entity have been the key motives in adopting Social Networking concept and tools into the daily operation.



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