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External-facing Social Networking Applications

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III.    External-facing social networking applications (Roger)      


Online social networking has become a digital and global phenomenon impacting millions of people every day.  The original purpose of social networking tools was to allow for interaction and communication between people using a virtual platform.  Over time we have also witnessed the power and possibilities allowed through social networking tools.  Due to its success, organizations and corporations of all types have joined social networking worlds for different reasons.  Some of the reasons may include a need to build a larger member base, public expose to online communities and marketing strategies.  For example, a non-profit organization may join a social networking site, in order to expose their services and increase donations.  A larger corporation may use social networking sites to create a positive image or brand.  Regardless of the purpose, social networking sites can be positive tools when used properly and the benefits may be endless.


A few years ago, it was uncommon to speak of companies using social networking sites because the thought was that only individuals could make use of them.  The world had not realized the power and use of these tools in the corporate environment.  Currently, there are thousands of companies worldwide that have found ways to utilize social networking sites and tools, in a manner that brings value to the company.  The enterprise has also recognized the importance of external-facing social networking applications and internal-facing social networking applications.

External-facing social networking applications are social networking tools that companies may use in order to reach external audiences or those outside of the company.  When using external-facing applications, it is important to understand who the targeted audience is or what are the potential audiences that may reached.  A company considering using social networking tools must understand communication outside of the company has restrictions and risks but potential benefits, if used properly.  If the goal of a corporation is to create public exposure and increase its customer-base, it must use the correct tools to reach this goal. There are several pros and cons in using external-facing applications and each must be analyzed and understood.


Currently, Facebook.com is one of the most popular social networking sites, used by millions of users.  The site is made up of regular people, organizations, companies, and several other groups.  Companies have seen the importance of being part of this website and are making use of it in many ways.  One way is for a company to create a fan page and create daily posts of the company news, offers, promotions and other items that may seem interesting to current and potential customers.  Linkedin.com is another external-facing social networking site that allows for working professionals and students to become part of each other professional network.  This site is used by job-seekers to promote their experiences and career interests.  Companies used this site to seek new hires and promote their own career advice.


 (Note to self: discuss more pros/cons, audience types, other tools.)

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