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Why Collboration Matters

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Why Collaboration Matters?


In practice, there are many reasons why collaboration is crucial and significant. It is enacted by individuals. People collaborate by pursuing some joint activity in order to learn from one another.  When one is not able to achieve the goal, they often collaborate and share ideas. It is considered a valuable opportunities to work with others. Collaborative learning is commonly taught through schools as a means of (learning) educating through a larger educational agenda.  Students are pushed to learn and work with one another.  It requires students to learn valuable skills such as involvement, cooperation, teamwork, and civic responsibility. 


 Involvement calls for students to actively be more involved in the learning experience.  It requires social and intellectual communication, which are the fundamentals of building stronger learning experiences. A student who does not want to work with others but rather work alone would be restriced from learning and understanding new ways of doing things they might not have thought of themselves.  Students with closer connections to other students, faculty, and others can build a better learning foundation not only for themselves, but for everyone else.  Involvement is a critical piece of the puzzle when collaborating, in finding out different perspectives, and learning abstract approaches to new ways of doing things.


Cooperation and teamwork are also valuable skills to possess.  In collaborative efforts, cooperation and teamwork means listening to one another's differences in an attempt to absorb both sides of a conflict while finding an even faced solution so that all voices are heard and taken into consideration.  For teamwork and cooperation to



be successful, there must also be care for what others have to say in a group or team.  “The skills of teamwork, community building, and leadership are legitimate and valuable classroom goals, not just extracurricular ones” (Smith 1992).  For a team to be successful, it is important to cooperate.  Cooperation shares the duty of listening and paying attention while also contributing information to help achieve the goal at hand.


Civic responsibility is not only important for the future, but also for our nation. Though collaborative learning enables students to obtain an active voice in expressing their thoughts and ideas, it also encourages civic responsibility.  This could shape the way student’s thoughts and ideas occur.



The Important of Collaboration        


Collaboration is what work is all about. It brings individuals together with a range of different backgrounds and experiences. The dynamic of being present or absent are significant. For many participants, “being-there” may create a more powerful influence in collaboration. Face-to-face collaboration allows individuals to frame the conversations.


The world depends on the ability of people to be able to work well with one another. Trusting relationship is essential for collaboration to be successful. Companies are hiring individuals who have a proven track record of being able to work well with others across all kinds of channels, cultures, and environments.  Collaboration is a useful and powerful tool. By learning how to collaborate efficiently and effectively, you will be more equipped for the future. 

Collaboration is also important in the aspect that when working in groups, goals can be achieved with less strain and effort. The group’s conjoined effort helps to produce more ideas that spark creativity and action.  Do you have goals that you wish to achieve, but they seem unattainable because you can’t come up with a solution?  Collaboration could be the answer to your problem. Collaboration can give you the ability to go beyond conventional ideas to create new and useful ones to help you succeed in achieving your ultimate goals or desires. 



How could Collaboration support Project Manager or Line Manager?


Working collaboratively is considered a business standard. It can be a benefit to business. In today’s turbulent competitive environment, collaboration not only supports project manager or line manager, but also everyone and almost everything.  Leadership plays quite a powerful role in shaping the collaboration goals. It drives the individual and organization to success. In many collaborations, a leader position is given to project manager or line manager to manage to collaborate. They have significant role in leading the activities.


When people collaborate they can benefit from the knowledge and experience of each individual in the group.  Take for instance a group of ten people from various departments of a retail company.  These departments consist of marketing, shipping, IT, sales, finance, human resources, customer service, purchasing, accounting, and maintenance.  Now let us put them in a room and tell them that they have to work together to figure out a better way to steam line their departments so the busy holiday season goes smoothly.  This task in itself will be hard for them to undertake because they each know what needs to be done in their own departments, but have no idea what goes on in the other departments during the holiday rush.  Now get them brainstorming about how their job could possibly effect the other departments.  Now the tables have turned and they need to think outside of their box or comfort zone.  By sitting down and talking with each other about what goes on in the other departments they are able to work more efficiently and coordinate their efforts to make things not only easier for individually, but easier for their co-workers as well.


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