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May_4, 2010

Page history last edited by Tarinee Hemakom 10 years, 3 months ago

Tarinee - responsible for the introduction

Abinet  - summary

Pat and Ann - 7 Layers Model

Everyone is responsible for adding the additional pages for the glossary and reference if you think your section needs to provide those information.

The book project's schedule from professor. This schedule is for the whole class.


Chapter outlines posted to the Wiki - Sat night 5/1 -

Complete finished draft of the chapter posted - 5/21

Chapters available for reading 5/22/-5/24

In class feedback on chapter drafts - 5/24

Final draft posted on wiki - 6/6


To meet the deadline above, I come up with the new deliverable for our chapter


First draft post on Wiki - Mon 5/10

Everyone read the whole chapter and make a comment (what do we need to add, delete, etc?) - 5/11-5/14

We will have a meeting on skype on Sat 5/15 at 1.00 pm to discuss about the comment that we make

Editing your own section according to comments - 5/16-2/20

Post the finished draft (will be our second draft) on Wiki - 5/21

Read and comment on other team's chapter - 5/22/-5/24

Editing your own section according to comments from other team - 5/25-5/30

Prove reading and/or editing by Abinet - 5/31-6/5

Post the final draft on wiki - 6/6

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