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Information Taxonomies Outline REV2

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Collaborative Information Taxonomies

  • Introduction 
    • What Are Collaborative Information Taxonomies? [definition]
    • Why Information Organization Matters
  • Foundations of Information Organization
    • Approaches to Organizing Information
      • Theories
      • History
    • Browsing vs. Searching 
  • Browsing in Document Repositories
    • Creating a Taxonomy
    • Multidimensional Trees and Multifaceted Browsing
    • Evaluating Taxonomies
  • Searching within Document Repositories
    • Creating Search Indexes
    • Metadata
      • User-Assigned Document Properties
      • User Tagging of Documents
    • Information Retrieval
    • Evaluating Search and Retrieval Effectiveness 
      • Webtrends, etc.
  • Managing Information in Collaborative Environments
    • Shared Documents
    • Creating a Common Understanding
    • Collaborative Structuring and Co-Organization (Creating a Collaborative Taxonomy)
    • Group “Awareness”
    • Tools and Methods 
    • Challenges in Migrating Documents to Repositories
  • Information Governance
    • The Need for Information/Data Governance
    • Administration and Ownership Considerations
    • Hosting Considerations 
    • Accessibility and Security Considerations
      • Access Level Security
    • Versioning and Retention Considerations
    • Conventions and Regional Considerations
  • Summary
  • Glossary
  • [Questions] 
  • References
  • [Appendices] 

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