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v     Virtual Meetings

  • Ø      Definition
  • Ø      Virtual meetings and collaboration
  • Ø      Comparison Virtual vs Non-Virtual Meetings
  • Ø      Advantages of Virtual Meetings
  • Ø      Disadvantages/Challenges of Virtual Meetings
  • Ø      What drives the need for Virtual Teams

v     Planning the meeting

  • Ø      Purpose of meeting
    • §         Communication
    • §         Idea generation
    • §         Decision Making
    • §         Problem Solving
  • Ø      Choosing the right meeting tool
  • Ø      Choosing a facilitator
  • Ø      Agenda
    • §         Setting an effective agenda
  • Ø      Send meeting resources (documents and links)
  • Ø      Procedure for joining the meeting and troubleshooting
  • Ø      Be aware of time zones
  • Ø      Ground rules
  • Ø      Backup plan

v     Managing a Virtual Meeting

  • Ø      Check-in make sure everyone is there
  • Ø      Code of communications for participants to ask questions/make comments
  • Ø      Techniques
    • §         Keeping meeting attendees focused and engaged
      • ·        Solicit feedback and questions
  • Ø      Basic problems and how to deal with them
  • Ø      Best practices

v     Virtual meeting models

  • Ø      Meetings with only remote attendees
  • Ø      Meetings with both remote and in-room attendees

v     Meeting Facilitation

  • Ø      What is a Facilitator?
  • Ø      Importance of Facilitation
  • Ø      Roles of a Facilitator
    • §         Tool Giver
    • §         Neutral Third Party
    • §         Process Guide
    • §         Process Educator
  • Ø      Facilitation Techniques
    • §         Virtual meeting
    • §         Non-virtual meeting
  • Ø      Managing difficulties

v     Virtual Meeting Management Tools

  • Ø      Description
  • Ø      Types
    • §         Group Support Systems
    • §         Online Presentation Tools
    • §         Meeting Planning Tools
    • §         Schedule Planning Tools
    • §         Agenda Planning Tools
  • Ø      Examples


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